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Alatreon Weakness and Strategy Guide

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Learn how to beat Alatreon in the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World (MHW)! This guide explains everything about Alatreon's weaknesses, carves, rewards, and a complete strategy guide for beating and capturing it. Find out what parts are breakable and severable, and what drops and Monster materials are available.

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Alatreon Weakness Overview

Effective Weapon Against Each State

Quest Starting State Weakness
Blazing Black Twilight Fire State Ice
Dawn's Triumph Fire State Ice
The Evening Star Fire State Ice
Dawn of the Death Star Ice State Fire

Alatreon's attribute at the beginning of the hunt will depend on which quest you took. It is better to prepare in advance so you can equip the proper gear to maximize your damage.

Vulnerability to Status Effects and Items

Poison Flash ★★
(Ineffective if Enraged)
Paral Shock
Sleep Pitfall
Stun Ivy
Blast Dung
Exhaust Meat
Mount Screamer

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How to Beat Alatreon

Alatreon Strategy Points

Best Equipment and Items to Bring

Recommended Weapon
Fire Element Weapons Effective when Ice Element is active
Ice Element Weapons Effective when Fire Element is active
Dragon Element Weapons Effective when Dragon Element is active
Recommended Gears and Tools
Temporal Mantle Automatically dodge attacks
Health Booster Drastically increases your survivability
Recommended Items
Astera Jerky Fully restores your red health bar and is very useful for surviving Escaton Judgement
Dust of Life Restores your health and nearby allies
Ancient Potion Fully restores and maximizes the size of your stamina and health bar
Recommended Skills
Health Boost Greatly increase your maximum health
Blight Resistance Nullify elemental blights
True Dragonvein Awakening Strengthens your elemental damage

Use Elemental Weapons

How to Beat Alatreon - 1.png
Alatreon's Escaton Judgement attack damage depends on how many times you have downed Alatreon before the attack. It is necessary to attack Alatreon using the element he is weak against depending on the situation.

Break the Horns During Dragon Active

You can only destroy the Horns if the Dragon state is active. If you succeed in destroying the horns, Alatreon's Attribute will switch back to its previous one after the Escaton Judgement. Be sure to aim for its head as much as possible to gain this advantage.

Active State Transitions

1 Fire State
Start of: Blazing Black Twilight and The Evening Star
2 Transition to Dragon State overtime
3 Horn Destruction No Horn Destruction
4 Escaton Judgement Activation
5 Transition to Fire State
Move to 1
Transition to Ice State
Move to 2
1 Ice State
Start of: Dawn of the Death Star
2 Transition to Dragon State overtime
3 Horn Destruction No Horn Destruction
4 Escaton Judgement Activation
5 Transition to Ice State
Move to 1
Transition to Fire State
Move to 2

Use Crystalbursts and Stones

Be sure to pick up the Crystalbursts scattered near the camp at the beginning of the quest. This can help you stagger Alatreon if it is getting too dangerous. You can also use this opportunity to use your Clutch Claw and mount Alatreon.

Alternatively there are also stones near the camp and in Alatreon's arena, make use of these in case you need slinger ammo.

Flinch Shot Alatreon Towards a Wall

You can use your Clutch Claw to sling Alatreon to a wall whenever it's not enraged. This will deal a significant damage to Alatreon's horns and take it down. In addition to that, you can also use Flash Pods when Alatreon is not enraged. This can set your team up for some damage opportunities.

Equip Blight Resistance and Coalescence

Since Alatreon will change its element during the fight. It is recommended that you equip Blight Resistance for more survivability. Also, equipping Coalescence will increase your damage over time because of the amount of blights and status effects you will receive.

Farcasters are Disabled

Farcasters are disabled during the Alatreon fights. Try to avoid using Bowguns or Bows during this quest as they can run out of elemental ammo forcing you to walk back to the camp. It is recommended that you only use melee weapons during the whole fight.

How to Survive Escaton Judgement

Deal Enough Elemental Damage

You can weaken the damage of the Escaton Judgement if you can deal enough damage to Alatreon using the correct affinity for each state. You'll know you have weakened Alatreon if the Handler says you have successfully weakened Alatreon's power after toppling him.

Deal More Elemental Damage For a Second Topple

You can topple Alatreon twice before the first Escaton Judgement, which will weaken the damage of the first Escaton. You'll know you have toppled him twice if the Handler says that Alatreon's powers are completely shut down.

Use Astera Jerky and Health Booster

To avoid fainting from the Escaton Judgement, it is suggested that you group up with your party and place multiple Health Boosters in the same area to recover your health quickly. Using Astera Jerky is also recommended if you are not able to stack the Health Boosters with your party.

Alatreon Movesets

Breath Attacks

Fire or Ice Breath Attack Straight Ice Breath

Fire and Ice Breaths are not as powerful as Escaton Judgement however, they can still deal significant damage if you stay within its range for too long.

Opportunity to Attack

During Breath Attacks, you can go directly below Alatreon to dish out some damage since Alatreon won't be moving during this attack. Staying directly underneath Alatreon will also prevent you from taking damage to its Breath Attack.

Dragon Explosion

How to Beat Alatreon - 2.png
This attack will occur once Alatreon flies. It is impossible to get out of its range if you have your weapon out. Be sure to sheathe your weapon as soon as you see Alatreon prepare for this move and get out of its range as fast as possible.

Ice and Water Shard Attack

How to Beat Alatreon - 4.png
This attack will cause Alatreon to shoot multiple shards of ice or water in the direction where it is facing. They are slow projectiles that can easily be dodged by rolling sideways.

Lightning Strikes

How to Beat Alatreon - 5.png
Similar to Zinogre, Alatreon will sometimes do a lightning strike attack wherein a lightning bolt will strike down the ground in a straight line after a few seconds. You can easily dodge these attacks by positioning yourself properly after checking where the lighting will land.

How to Unlock Alatreon

How to Unlock Alatreon
Complete Special Assignment:
M★6 Point of No Return

Upon completing the prerequisite quest, players may now speak to the Third Fleet Master in Seliana to unlock the Blazing Black Twilight Special Assignment to fight Alatreon.

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Alatreon Carves and Rewards

Alatreon Carve Material Frequency

Alatreon Carves
Alatreon Mantle ★★★★★
Alatreon Pallium ★★★★
Alatreon Riptalon ★★★
Alatreon Diretail ★★
Alatreon Direwing
(Wing Broken)
(Horn Broken)
Azure Dragonsphire

Alatreon Reward Material Frequency

Alatreon Carves
Alatreon Mantle ★★★★
Alatreon Pallium ★★★★
Alatreon Riptalon ★★★
Alatreon Diretail ★★
Alatreon Direwing ★★★★
Azure Dragonsphire

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