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Quest Types and List of Quests

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This is a guide to all types of quests in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Read on to know all kinds of quests available and benefits that can be obtained from completing them.

Category Links

Here is a summary of all quest types with a link for that specific quest category.

Assigned Quest IceborneAssigned Quests Optional Quests IceborneOptional Quests
Low/High Rank
Assigned Quests base game ENG.jpgAssigned Quests Optional QUests base game ENG.jpgOptional Quests
Event Quests
Iceborne EventsIceborne Events Low high rank eventsLow / High Rank Events
Other Quest Categories
Arch-Tempered Quests Collaboration Quests Gold Crown Quests
Arena Quests Challenge Quests Investigation Quests
How to Unlock All Quests
Low/High Rank Master Rank

Quest Types

It's nearly impossible to run out of things to do in a massive game like Monster Hunter World. To start it off, there are several quests that can offer you different kinds of rewards for each quest type. Below, we listed all types of quests and possible rewards you can obtain from them.

Quest Directory
Event Quests Master Rank Quests
Assigned Quests Optional Quests Investigation Quests
Arch Tempered Quests Collaboration Quests Gold Crown Quests
Arena Quests Challenge Quests Bounties

Click on the link to immediately jump to that quest type.

Event Quests

summer event quests
As the name suggests, these are quests that are only available during events. They can only be accessed during the event time and they offer generous rewards. Make sure to try and complete event quests before they expire!

Event Quests

Master Rank Quests

iceborne quests
These are quests that are only availble by purchasing the Iceborne expansion. Completing these quests are necessary to advance the story and to increase your Master Rank.
Master Rank Quests

Assigned Quests

assigned quests

Assigned Quests are quests that are needed to advance the story. Advancing the story will allow you to encounter new monsters and advance your hunter's rank further!

Assigned Quest - MHW Assigned Quest - Iceborne

Optional Quests

These are quests that are unnecessary to be completed to advance the game's story. They, however, can be accepted repeatedly which can allow you to grind for gears and items you need for future quests.

Optional Quests - MHW Optional Quests - Iceborne

Investigation Quests

MHW Tracking.JPG
Investigation Quests are quests that has different conditions to complete. Some quests require you to not die at all while some quests require you to take down your target in less than 15 minutes. The higher the rank of the Investigation quest and the harsher its conditions, the better the rewards you can obtain.

Investigation Quests

Arch Tempered Quests

archtempered quests
These quests allow you to challenge a stronger version of a monster. They offer generous rewards but the difficulty in taking down is greatly increased.

Arch Tempered Quests

Collaboration Quests

dante collab quests
Collaboration Quests are special quests that the monster hunter team made while working with other video game titles. They involve taking down beasts from different games and they can offer you unique equipments from the character of that game's series.

Collaboration Quests

Gold Crown Quests

great jagras
Gold Crown Quests are quests that has a high chance of pitting you with Giant sized monsters. These monsters will award you with a gold crown to signal your achivement in defeating the biggest of the baddest.

Gold Crown Quests

Arena Quests

arena tenant
Arena Quests are quests that require you to equip a chosen select gear to duke it out with a monster in an Arena style battle. You will not be able to bring out your own gear or items and must fight with the resources given to you.

Arena Quests

Challenge Quests

Similar to Arena Quests, challenge quests are limite time quests that follows the same format as Arena Quests. They however, offer much more generous rewards.

Challenge Quests


MHW Quest Board.JPG
Bounties are highly similar to Investigation Quests but instead of slaying targets, you're task is to collect things from the game. Completing Bounties can reward you some precious Armor Spheres.

Limited Bounties

Limited Bounties are the most common bounties you can complete. They reward you with precious Armor Spheres and even Wyverian prints!

Critical Bounties

Critical Bounties are Bounties that are needed to be completed to unlock certain facilities. These facilities are then, able to reward you further so make sure to complete Critical Bounties when you can!


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