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Monster Parts and Weaknesses Guide

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This is a Monster Parts and Weaknesses Guide in Monster Hunter World and Iceborne. Read on to learn more about Monster Parts, Weaknesses, and more!

Monster Parts Weakpoints and Breakable Points

Monster Parts Weakpoints

Monster Parts Weakpoints

All Large Monsters have certain weakpoints you can exploit. The weak points of each monster vary from monster to monsters. You need to be able to break those specific monster parts to expose a weak point which deals more damage. Remember that there are also specific weapon types that are required to break certain monster parts.

Physiology of Great Gagras

You can find the information you need for a specific monster's weak points by going through your Hunter Notes and opening up the monster field guides. Keep in mind that you need to farm research points to know more about monsters, as not every information about them is displayed at the start of the game.

Breakable Monster Parts v.s. Weak Points

Barroth Physio.jpg

Every weak point is breakable but not every breakable Monster Part is a weak point. There are some monsters that have breakable Monster Parts but don't turn into a weak point, like the Rathalos. You can see from the image above that the Rathalos's body monster part can be broken but it does not form a weak point.

Clutch Claw Wounds Monster Parts

Clutch Claw Breaks Monster Parts

The Clutch Claw is a Slinger supplement that allows you to grab onto a monster part, grapple it, and attack it. The clutch attack will wound the target the first it's done if you're wielding a heavy weapon. You'll need to do this twice for light weapons.

How to Use Clutch Claw

Monster Weaknesses

Elemental Weaknesses

Elemental Weaknesses

The Elements chart for monsters found in the Hunter Notes shows the Elemental Weaknesses of each monster. Every element weakness is categorized in stars, with the one-star dealing the least damage. The higher it goes up, the weaker the monster is against the specific type of elemental damage. If an element has a red X beside it, this means that the monster has no weakness towards that specific element.

Status Ailments Weaknesses

Screenshot (412).jpg

Similar to Elemental Weaknesses, Status Ailment Weaknesses are gaguged in stars. The fewer the stars, the lesser the success rate of the status ailment taking effect there is.

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