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Grimalkynes | All Grimalkyne Locations & Palico Gadgets

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This is a guide about Grimalkynes in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Read on to know general information about the different Grimalkyne tribes, which Palico Gadget they unlock, where to find them, and more!

What are Grimalkynes?

Grimalkynes are Lynians that inhabit the New World in Monster Hunter World (MHW).

Once befriended, Grimalkynes can accompany hunters during hunts in solo play, provide Palico Gadgets for Palicoes, and set up traps in specific areas. They are occasionally spotted out of their original region to aid hunters as well.

The Iceborne Expansion added extra features for hunters such as Raider Riding and Pawswapping.

Grimalkyne Unity

Unity Levels.png
Grimalkyne Unity refers to the bond between hunters and Grimalkyne tribes.

Higher Unity levels will increase the Grimalkyne tribe's stats and add more features for hunters.

While originally capped at level five, Unity level caps doubled upon the arrival of the Iceborne Expansion. The Pawswapping feature was also added during this period and is unlocked at Unity level six.


Pawswapping is a feature that allows hunters to trade with Grimalkynes in their hideouts via Swapping. Grimalkynes can also provide tips for Treasure Hunts in their region.

Once Pawswapping is unlocked, hunters can fast travel to a Grimalkyne's hideout by selecting the Pawswap icon on their map.


Grimalkyne reactions Pawswap Result

Swapping enables hunters to trade certain items in their pouches to Grimalkynes. Once a hunter initiates a trade with an item, three Grimalkynes will show varying degrees of interest in the item via their reactions on screen. The one with the most eager reaction will have the best item in terms of quality to trade with.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt.png
Tips for Treasure Hunts are obtained via Pawswapping with Grimalkynes. Tips are riddles that hunters must solve in order to determine where a specific treasure in the region is buried in. Hunters can check the riddle any time by opening their maps.

A treasure hunt is completed once the hunter obtains the treasure at the determined location.

Grimalkyne Tribes

The following are maps indicating all the Grimalkyne Hideouts and brief descriptions of each tribe in Monster Hunter World (MHW):

Bugtrappers Protectors Troupers
Plunderers Gajalakas Boaboas

Click the link to take you to that Grimalkyne Tribe's section.


Region Ancient Forest
Hideout Area 17

Bugtrappers are Grimalkynes that excel at laying traps for monsters during hunts.

Befriending them will unlocked the Flashfly Cage Palico Gadget and allow Palicoes to tame Jagras.

Click the link below for more information:
How to Track Bugtrappers


Region Wildspire Waste
Hideout Area 15

Protectors are Grimalkynes that taunt monsters with shields and stooges.

Befriending them will unlock the Shieldspire Palico Gadget and allow Palicoes to tame Male Kestodons.

Click the link below for more information:
How to Track Protectors


Region Coral Highlands
Hideout Area 11

Troupers are Grimalkynes that play melodies during hunts, providing various buffs for hunters and their Palicoes.

Befriending them will unlock the Coral Orchestra Palico Gadget and allow Palicoes to tame Shamos.

Click the link for more information:
How to Track Troupers


Region Rotten Vale
Hideout Area 15

Plunderers are Grimalkynes that excel at procuring items and materials when attacking monsters.

Befriending them will unlock the Plunderblade Palico Gadget and allow Palicoes to tame Girros.

Click the link for more information:
How to Track Plunderers


Region Elder's Recess
Hideout Area 16

Gajalakas are Grimalkynes that deal various ailments to monsters via Bombs and Throwing Knives. Although they are mostly hostile to hunters, a specific Gajalaka tribe can be befriended in Elder's Recess.

Befriending them will unlock the Meowlotov Cocktail Palico Gadget and allow Palicoes to tame Gastodons

Click the link for more information:
How To Track Gajalaka


Region Hoarfrost Reach
Hideout Area 17

Boaboas are Grimalkynes native to the Hoarfrost Reach. This tribe is similar to Gajalakas in most aspects.

Befriending them will unlock the Tailraider SIgnal Palico Gadget and allow Palicoes to tame Wulgs. Boaboas will also teach hunters how to ride Tailraider Monsters.
How To Befriend Boaboa

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How to Track Grimalkynes

Grimalkyne Tribes
All Grimalkyne Tribes and Rewards
Bugtrappers Protectors Troupers
Plunderers Gajalaka Boaboa


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