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List of Layered Armor and How to Craft

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Layered Armor List | Layered Armor Guide
This is a guide to obtaining and crafting all the Layered Armor in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Find out everything about each set of Layered Armor available, how to get it, and more!

Layered Equipment
Layered Armor Layered Weapons

How to Use Layered Armor

Use in the Item Box Menu

Kirin Armor Layered

Layered Armor can be equipped from the item box. Open the box and select the “Layered Armor Settings” from the most bottom choices. From here, you can change your equipped Layered Armor.

Customize your Layered Armor with Colours!

Some Layered Armor's colors can be changed in the Layered Armor Settings. Beautify your hunter to be the cutest or make your hunter the most badass hunter in existence!

What is Layered Armor

An Armor That Changes Your Appearance

Samurai layered Armor

Layered armor is highly similar to the “Transmog” mechanic from other games where you replace the current look of your equipped items. It however, differs slightly in Monster Hunter World. In MHW, you craft Layered Armor and equip them, you don't necessarily replace your armor's look, you just equip something else to cover your current hunter's armor.

The difference is once you craft and equip a Layered Armor, changing your current equipment will not change your hunter's look if a Layered Armor is equipped.

LR / HR Layered Armor List

LR / HR Layered Armor
Bushi Sabi Bushi Homare Origin
Brigade Guild Cross Commission
Beetle Butterfly Death Stench
Blossom Diver Harvest
Orion Gala Suit Mosswine Mask
Faux Felyne Skull Mask Sealed Eyepatch
Shadow Shades Wiggler Head Kulu-Ya-Ku Head
Sakura Ryu Dante
Drachen Bayek Geralt
Ciri Leather Chain
Hunter Alpha Hunter Beta Bone
Alloy Vespoid Hornetaur
Kestodon Gajau Shamos
Jagras Kulu-Ya-Ku Tzitzi-Ya-Ku
Great Girros Pukei-Pukei Alpha Pukei-Pukei Beta
Barroth Anjanath Alpha Anjanath Beta
Jyuratodus Tobi-Kadachi Paolumu
Rathian Alpha Rathian Beta Radobaan Alpha
Radobaan Beta High Metal Gastodon
Barnos Dodogama Ingot
Rath Heart Alpha Rath Heart Beta Lavasioth Alpha
Lavasioth Beta Legiana Alpha Legiana Beta
Odogaron Alpha Odogaron Beta Rathalos Alpha
Rathalos Beta Rath Soul Alpha Rath Soul Beta
Diablos Alpha Diablos Beta Diablos Nero Alpha
Diablos Nero Beta Uragaan Alpha Uragaan Beta
Bazelgeuse Alpha Bazelgeuse Beta Deviljho Alpha
Deviljho Beta Dober Alpha Dober Beta
Damascus Alpha Damascus Beta Zorah Alpha
Zorah Beta Zorah Gamma Nergigante Alpha
Nergigante Beta Nergigante Gamma Teostra Alpha
Teostra Beta Teostra Gamma Kushala Alpha
Kushala Beta Kushala Gamma Vaal Hazak Alpha
Vaal Hazak Beta Vaal Hazak Gamma Kirin Alpha
Kirin Beta Kirin Gamma Xeno Alpha
Xeno Beta Xeno Gamma Lunastra Alpha
Lunastra Beta Lunastra Gamma Kulve Alpha
Kulve Beta Kulve Gamma Azure Starlord
Guardian Samurai

MR Layered Armor List

MR Layered Armor
Thermae Dragonking Eyepatch Strategist Spectacles
Pulverizing Feather Crystal Earring Vespoid +
Hornetaur + Wulg + Cortos +
Jagras + Tzitzi-Ya-Ku + Great Girros +
Dodogama + Kulu-Yak-Ku + Pukei-Pukei +
Coral Pukei + Barroth + Jyuratodus +
Beotodus + Tobi-Kadachi + Viper-Kadachi +
Banbaro Alpha + Banbaro Beta + Anjanath Alpha +
Anjanath Beta + Fulgur Anja Alpha + Fulgur Anja Beta +
Rathian Alpha + Rathian Beta + Rath Heart Alpha +
Rath Heart Beta + Paolumu + Lumu Phantasma +
Radobaan + Artian Clockwerk Alpha +
Clockwerk Beta + Barioth Alpha + Barioth Beta +
Rathalos Alpha + Rathalos Beta + Rath Soul Alpha +
Rath Soul Beta + Diablos Alpha + Diablos Beta +
Diablos Nero Alpha + Diablos Nero Beta + Legiana Alpha +
Legiana Beta + Shrieking Legia Alpha + Shrieking Legia Beta +
Odogaron Alpha + Odogaron Beta + Death Garon Alpha +
Death Garon Beta + Lavasioth + Uragaan +
Nargacuga Alpha + Nargacuga Beta + Glavenus Alpha +
Glavenus Beta + Acidic Glavenus Alpha + Acidic Glavenus Beta +
Brachydios Alpha + Brachydios Beta + Tigrex Alpha +
Tigrex Beta + Brute Tigrex Alpha + Brute Tigrex Beta +
Black Belt Seething Bazel Alpha + Seething Bazel Beta +
Savage Jho Alpha + Savage Jho Beta + Velkhana Alpha +
Velkhana Beta + Blackveil Hazak Alpha + Blackveil Hazak Beta +
Teostra Alpha + Teostra Beta + Kushala Alpha +
Kushala Beta + Kirin Alpha + Kirin Beta +
Namielle Alpha + Namielle Beta + Guild Palace +
Acrobat Showman Shara Ishvalda Alpha +
Shara Ishvalda Beta + Yian Garuga Alpha + Yian Garuga Beta +
Zinogre Alpha + Zinogre Beta + Golden Lune Alpha +
Golden Lune Beta + Silver Sol Alpha + Silver Sol Beta +
Lunastra Alpha + Lunastra Beta + Ruiner Nergi Alpha +
Ruiner Nergi Beta + Guildwork + Rajang Alpha +
Rajang Beta + Furious Rajang Alpha + Furious Rajang Beta +
Stygian Zin Alpha + Stygian Zin Beta + Safi'jiiva Alpha +
Safi'jiiva Beta + Raging Brachy Alpha + Raging Brachy Beta +
Frostfang Barioth Alpha + Frostfang Barioth Beta + Alatreon Alpha +
Alatreon Beta + Fatalis Alpha + Fatalis Beta +
Kulve Taroth Alpha + Kulve Taroth Beta + Namielle Gamma +
Velkhana Gamma + Oolong Astral
Rose Passion Demonlord
Leon + Claire + Azure Age
Faux Kelbi Faux Aptonoth Hare Band
Downy Crake Kadachi Scarf Sealed Dragon Cloth
Wyverian Ears Pearlsping + Goldspring Macaque
Buff Body Alpha + Buff Body Gamma + Innerwear Alpha
Innerwear Beta Silver Knight Yukumo
Direwolf +

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Absolutely no info on how to OBTAIN the sets. Just says use the materials and pay the points. Nice "guide".


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