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Arch-Tempered Velkhana Weakness and Strategy Guide

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Learn how to beat Arch-Tempered Velkhana, an Event Quest Monster in the game Monster Hunter World (MHW)! This guide explains everything about Arch-Tempered Velkhana's weakness, carves, rewards, and a complete strategy guide for beating and capturing it. Find out what parts are breakable and severable, and what drops and Monster materials are available.

Quests Where Arch-Tempered Velkhana Appears

Event Quest Availability and How to Unlock

Quest Name/Rank Requirement Target Area
The Place Where Winter Sleeps
(Reach MR100)
Arch-Tempered VelkhanaArch-Tempered Velkhana Completion Requirements: Slay an Arch-Tempered Velkhana Elder's Recess
Unlock Requirements: Available from the Event start time

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Arch-Tempered Velkhana Weakness, Body Parts, and Resistances

Arch-Tempered Velkhana Characteristics

Monster Hunter World Velkhana
Roar Wind Tremor Blight Status
Big High None Ice None
Breakable Parts
Head, Wings, Tail

Arch-Tempered Velkhana Weakness, Body Parts, Extracts


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
55(65) 55(65) 45(55) 20 Red
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
0 15 0 20


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
35(45) 45(55) 30(40) 25 Orange
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
5 10 0 15


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
30 30 25 30 Orange
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
10 5 0 10


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
40(50) 40(50) 20(30) 25 White
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
5 10 0 15


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
45 40 30 30 White
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
10 5 0 10


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
35 30 20 30 Orange
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
10 5 0 10


Sever Break Bomb Fire Extract
40(50) 35(45) 35(45) 25 Red
Water Thunder Ice Dragon
5 10 0 15

Higher values indicate higher damage.

Vulnerability to Status Effects and Items

Poison Flash ★★
Paral Shock
Sleep Pitfall
Stun Ivy
Blast ★★★ Dung
Exhaust - Meat
Mount ★★ Screamer

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Locations and Areas Visited

Map Starting Area Visited Areas Rest Spot
ElderElder's Recess 8 9/3/2 Coming soon!

*The starting location may change depending on the Quest.

Vulnerability to Status Effects and Items

Poison ★★ Flash
Paral Shock
Sleep Pitfall
Stun ★★★ Ivy
Blast ★★★ Dung
Exhaust - Meat
Mount ★★ Screamer

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How to Beat Arch-Tempered Velkhana

checkmark.png Use the Crystals in Elder's Recess
checkmark.png Stay Close!
checkmark.png Abuse Its Overhead Breath Attack
checkmark.png Watchout for Its New Breat Attacks

Arch-Tempered Velkhana is a much stronger version of the Elder Dragon Velkhana. It's damage is through the roof and can easily one-shot unprepared characters so maximize your gear by augmenting it before heading to fight the ice dragon.

Use the Crystals in Elder's Recess

There are crystals at the starting area where you fight Arch-Tempered Velkhana. You can either use it as a preemptive attack to deal massive damage at the start or conserve it as a tool to knock down Velkhana when it's enraged. Just make sure to use it for some damage and an opening.

Falling Crystal Damage

Solo 2880
Duo 4631
Multi 6912

Remember that the first damage dealt to a sleeping target gets doubled so if you have a Palico or have a fellow hunter that has a sleep weapon, it can be a great strategy to attempt to make the Elder Dragon sleep beneath these crystals.

Stay Close!

Arch-Tempered Velkhana's strongest moves come from her elemental breath attacks. These attacks target players from a distance so make sure to always be aggressive and stay close to her to avoid death.

Abuse Its Overhead Breath Attack

Velkhana has a move where she uses hear breath attack to make layers of pillars that appear from the ground. Instead of running away from the center of the attack, wait for the first circle to pop then dodge inside the circle. This allows you to get some free damage while the rest of her attack's animation finishes.

Watch Out for Its New Breath Attacks

vel breath
The Arch-Tempered Velkhana gains new breath attacks that unleash a fan of ice pillars in front of her. The pillars have a slight delay before they deal damage so use this window to reposition yourself to safety.

Clutch Claw Its Tail When It Uses Its 360 Attack

This is AT Velkhana's strongest move which can 1 hit ko a hunter during its 1st hit. It's a 2 hit sequence with a 360 laser attack then it summons a layered pillar on the ground. The laser will stun hunters so its imperative to dodge the 1st hit. To dodge it, when the camera zooms out, Immediately use clutch claw on AT Velkhana's tail so you can ride its 360 movement. Once it flies, use your clutch attack to disengage and resume the fight.

Arch Tempered Velkhana Best Loadout

Best Skills

SkillsReason It's good
Coalescence AT Velkhana can use a lot of ice attacks and chances are, you'll get hit by one. Popping a nulberry will immediately cure you of the ailment and with Coalesence, will grant you a flat damage buff.
Critical Eye More damage. AT Velkhana must be taken down in 30 minutes! Having high damage is a necessity against the frost dragon.
Weakness Exploit More damage. AT Velkhana must be taken down in 30 minutes! Having high damage is a necessity against the frost dragon.
Evade Window For those without blocking skills, Evade Window is a nearly must have skill. AT Velkhana's high damaging attacks hurts but only if you get hit. They have a long windup and is pretty easy to predict so dodging them via I-frames is pretty easy compared to some other monsters.
Guard Up AT Velkhana has several moves that cannot be blocked with a regular block. Having guard up will allow you to block its attacks and thus, improving your survivability.
Critical Boost More damage. AT Velkhana must be taken down in 30 minutes! Having high damage is a necessity against the frost dragon.
Health Boost A near necessity to survive AT Velkhana's attacks. (Not required if wielding a 4 piece Fatalis set.
Tool Specialist Ice Proof mantle is one of your best friends against AT Velkhana and maintaining its uptime via Tool Specialist will greatly improve your survivability.
Agitator With the addition of the Clutch Claw, enraging monsters is one of the easiest tasks to do in the game. Agitator is pretty much a flat buff at this point and you're losing out on damage if you don't have it in your loadout.

Best Equipment

Dual Blades Sample Loadout

Fire Elemental Weapons AT Velkhana's Weakness
Dragon with high elderseal Less recommended than a fire elemental weapon. You lose out on damage but can quickly shave AT Velkhana's armor preventing it from using its 360 ice attack.

Best Mantles To Use

Iceproof Mantle Iceproof Mantle's advantage over the other mantles in this fight is due to its ability to prevent AT Velkhana's ice attacks from one shotting you. It works like Temporal in this fight except you still take a little damage but its duration is way longer than temporal.
Temporal Mantle The next best mantle to use against AT Velkhana. Its duration can run out pretty quickly due to AT Vel's hard damage and multiple random attacks but it can still potentially save you from otherwise lethal attacks.
Evasion Mantle If you're confident in your dodging abilities, Evasion Mantle can be a huge asset for you. Not only does it improve your evasion invulnerability, it also increases your attack for every narrow dodges you make.
Rocksteady Mantle Highly discouraged as the iceblight's stamina drain together with Rocksteady Mantle's immovable effect can be a double edged weapon. While it can allow you to make some aggressive plays like a wall slam, it can also kill you if you run out of stamina in the middle of AT Vel's lethal attacks.


Armor Decorations
Head Dragonhead Beta + Sprinter/Expert Jewel 4 x3
Armor Dragonhide Alpha + Satiated/Evasion Jewel 4 x2
Shaver Jewel 3
Greaves Dragonclaws Beta + Flawless/Maintenance Jewel 4 x3
Waist Dragonbarbs Alpha + Challenger/Maintenance Jewel 4
Phoenix/Maintenance Jewel 4
Legs Garuga Greaves Beta + Tenderizer/Physique Jewel 4
Tenderizer Jewel 2
Critical Jewel 2
Charm Blaze Charm V none
Critical Eye 7 Fire Attack 5
Tool Specialist 5 Evade Window 5
Free Meal 3 Marathon Runner 3
Peak Performance 3 Weakness Exploit 3
Coalescence 1 Critical Boost 1
Agitator 1 Divine Blessing 1
Clutch Claw Boost

Best Palico Loadout and Felyne Skills

Vigorwasp An extra life will always help. Be sure to swap this out with a different gadget like the Meowlotov or Coral Orchestra once its revive effect has been used.
Meowlotov Cocktail Additional free damage is always welcome against AT Velkhana. The short time that's given to you can likely make the quest result in failure if you fail to keep the pressure on AT Velkhana.
Baan Ball A free sleep means a free wall slam.
Felyne Maestro's Baton A free paralysis also means a huge window to attack AT Velkhana.
Felyne Insurance/Safeguard More lives are always welcome.
Felyne Moxie Unlike Fatalis, AT Velkhana's attacks doesn't have DOTs. This makes Moxie an incredible skill to have as a single max potion can instantly refill your HP to full.
Felyne Tailor More mantle uptime is always welcome. The bonus isn't too huge but it can still possible help.
Vegetable Set If you don't wish to use the said skills above, at least eating a vegetable set can improve your elemental resistance.

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