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How to Clear Monster Houses

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This page is a guide on how to clear Monster Houses in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX for the Nintendo Switch. If you want to get items and experience from Monster Houses, this article is for you.

What is a Monster House?

A Room Where Many Enemies and Items Appear

Monster House Magcargo.jpg

It is a room where lots of enemies and items appear. Monster Houses do not have a marker on the map, but you can usually tell that there is a Monster House because of a room having an abnormally high number of items.

The enemies only appear once you are in the room itself. In addition to these two, there are also many traps inside the Monster House.

Get lots of Items and EXP fast

If you can break through the wave of foes in a Monster House, a surge of Items and EXP is waiting for you. Since Monster Houses can be easy to handle with the right Items or Moves on hand, they can be used to farm Items and EXP easily.

Defeat Enemies Easily

Useful Items

One-Shot Orb ImageOne-Shot Orb Slumber Orb ImageSlumber Orb All Dodge Orb ImageAll Dodge Orb All Protect Orb ImageAll Protect Orb

The orbs above affect the entirety of the room you are in making it very powerful inside Monster Houses. These are defensive Orbs that allow you to execute the strategy discussed below.

Retreat to Corridors for an Advantage

Monster House Corridors.jpg

We do not recommend fighting the foes in Monster Houses inside the room itself. After you have used one of the Orbs above, make your way to the corridor that you came from. Move 2 spaces into the corridor so that long range attacks and room-wide attacks are not able to hit you. This way, you will be able to take down each of the Monsters in a near one-on-one situation.

Silver Spike

Silver Spike ImageSilver Spike

Returning to the corridor automatically lines up your team mates to use Thrown Items like Silver Spike. Make sure that you have registered your item in the Toolbox. This means that all of your Pokemon are able to damage the enemy Pokemon through Thrown Items, or alternately hit with ranged moves like Hydro Pump.

Room-wide Moves

We don't recommend this but you can use moves like Blizzard, Heat Wave and Silver Wind to deal with Monster Houses. These moves damage the whole room, but the enemy can do the same. Fight safely!

Empowerment Seed

Empowerment Seed ImageEmpowerment Seed

Monster Houses are some of the best places to put Empowerment Seeds to use besides boss battles. This seed, when consumed, makes your Pokemon extra powerful. Some Pokemon are able to Mega Evolve once they consume this seed.

How to Mega Evolve

Escape Orb

Escape Orb ImageEscape Orb

Things can quickly go bad in a Monster House. Make sure you have an Escape Orb when challenging one to avoid losing your items and Poke.

Escaping Monster Houses

Items for Escape

Petrify Orb ImagePetrify Orb Petrify Wand ImagePetrify Wand Slumber Wand ImageSlumber Wand Slow Orb ImageSlow Orb

These are some items that can facilitate your escape from a Monster House. The Petrify Orbs and Wands instantly stop every enemy Pokemon that is hit. Just make sure that your teammates do not have the 'Let's go for foes!' tactic activated. Otherwise, they will attack the enemies and accidentally break the Petrification.

Monster Houses in the Map

Monster House Map.jpg

You can tell that a room is a Monster House if there are unusually high number of scattered items in one room. Unless the staircase is located in the same room, you can choose to avoid Monster Houses and the risk associated with them.

One-Room Orb ImageOne-Room Orb Trawl Orb ImageTrawl Orb X-Ray Specs ImageX-Ray Specs

Once a Monster House is identified, you can choose to get the items without challenging the enemy Pokemon. One-Room orb will eliminate the Monster House mechanic but keep the items.

The Trawl Orb, on the other hand, will teleport all the items inside that floor directly to you, avoiding the need to enter the room.

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i remember in other PMD games, there was a chance to spawn inside a monster house, which has happened to me before. can that happen in this game?


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