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Recommended Settings and Controls

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This page is a guide on which shortcuts to keep in mind and which settings to use in the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch. Read on to find out which settings to use for speedier gameplay and which shortcuts to use.

Recommended Settings

Settings for Faster Gameplay

Map Appearance Large Small None
Grid On Off
Speed Fast Regular
Camera Effect On Off
Turn When Damaged Yes No
Teammate Recovery-Item Use Yes No
The Focus in Auto Mode Exploring Finding the Stairs
Movement through Corridors in Auto Mode Dash Walk
Interrupt Dashes in Emergencies Yes No
ZR + Up Accepted Jobs
ZR + Down Underfoot
ZR + Left Message Log
ZR + Right Remove from Team

If the game feels a little slow to you, you can use these settings in order to speed up gameplay.

Most of these settings are actually up to your preference, but we suggest following our recommendations for the Auto Mode settings as those have the largest impact on speed.

Personalize Your ZR Shortcuts

The settings we display above are only suggestions, and we highly recommend that you set your ZR shortcuts to whichever settings works best for you.

Useful Buttons and Shortcuts

Toolbox Shortcut (Press the B Button)

Normally, you'd have to press X to open the menu and then A to access the toolbox, but you can also just press the B button instead.

Pass Your Turn (Hold Down R + A)

If you hold down R + A, you'll be able to fast forward through turns. Your team's leader will perform the standard attack animation for the first turn, but the game will fast forward through the following turns.

Throw Projectiles (ZL + ZR)

Once you've registered a projectile from the Toolbox, you'll be able to throw these projectiles just by pressing ZL + ZR.

Search the Room (Press the Right Analog Stick)

By pressing the right analog stick, you'll be able to move the camera and search through the current room you're in. This function is especially useful in the post-game, where there are a lot of powerful Pokemon that attack from a distance.

Fast-Forward Through Text (Hold Down B)

When you want to move through the story as fast as possible, you can hold down the B button to fast-forward through dialogue.

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