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List of Items and Equipment

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Zelda Skyward Sword - List of Items and Equipment
A list of all Items and Equipment in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. See all item effects, as well as how to obtain each item.

List of Items


Medals give you passive effects that boost your abilities and can be found in Beedle's Shop or in Goddess's Chests. Equipping a medal takes up one space in your Adventure Pouch.

Bug Medal IconBug Medal Cursed Medal IconCursed Medal Heart Medal IconHeart Medal Life Medal IconLife Medal
Potion Medal IconPotion Medal Rupee Medal IconRupee Medal Treasure Medal IconTreasure Medal

List of Medals

Bottle Items

Bottle Items refer to items that are stored using Empty Bottles. These include potions, healing items, and quest items.

Air Potion IconAir Potion Air Potion + IconAir Potion + Empty Bottle IconEmpty Bottle Fairy IconFairy
Glittering Spores IconGlittering Spores Guardian Potion IconGuardian Potion Guardian Potion + IconGuardian Potion + Heart Potion IconHeart Potion
Heart Potion + IconHeart Potion + Heart Potion ++ IconHeart Potion ++ Mushroom Spores IconMushroom Spores Pumpkin Soup IconPumpkin Soup
Revitalizing Potion IconRevitalizing Potion Revitalizing Potion + IconRevitalizing Potion + Revitalizing Potion ++ IconRevitalizing Potion ++ Sacred Water IconSacred Water
Stamina Potion IconStamina Potion Stamina Potion + IconStamina Potion + Water IconWater

List of Bottle Items

List of Equipment


Weapons are pieces of equipment that you use to defeat and defend against enemies. Certain weapons can be upgraded using materials to boost their damage and range.

Banded Shield IconBanded Shield Beetle IconBeetle Big Bug Net IconBig Bug Net Bombs IconBombs
Bow IconBow Braced Shield IconBraced Shield Bug Net IconBug Net Clawshots IconClawshots
Divine Shield IconDivine Shield Fortified Shield IconFortified Shield Goddess Longsword IconGoddess Longsword Goddess Shield IconGoddess Shield
Goddess Sword IconGoddess Sword Goddess White Sword IconGoddess White Sword Gust Bellows IconGust Bellows Hook Beetle IconHook Beetle
Hylian Shield IconHylian Shield Iron Bow IconIron Bow Iron Shield IconIron Shield Master Sword IconMaster Sword
Practice Sword IconPractice Sword Quick Beetle IconQuick Beetle Reinforced Shield IconReinforced Shield Sacred Bow IconSacred Bow
Sacred Shield IconSacred Shield Scattershot IconScattershot Slingshot IconSlingshot Tough Beetle IconTough Beetle
True Master Sword IconTrue Master Sword Whip IconWhip Wooden Shield IconWooden Shield

List of Weapons


Along with weapons, Equipment are items that give you additional abilities to help you complete side quests and solve puzzles throughout your journey. They can be obtained in various ways and some can be upgraded using treasures!

Adventure Pouch IconAdventure Pouch Big Wallet IconBig Wallet Bomb Bag IconBomb Bag Digging Mitts IconDigging Mitts
Extra Wallet IconExtra Wallet Fireshield Earrings IconFireshield Earrings Giant Wallet IconGiant Wallet GoddessGoddess's Harp
Large Bomb Bag IconLarge Bomb Bag Large Quiver IconLarge Quiver Large Seed Satchel IconLarge Seed Satchel Medium Bomb Bag IconMedium Bomb Bag
Medium Quiver IconMedium Quiver Medium Seed Satchel IconMedium Seed Satchel Medium Wallet IconMedium Wallet Mogma Mitts IconMogma Mitts
Sailcloth IconSailcloth Small Bomb Bag IconSmall Bomb Bag Small Quiver IconSmall Quiver Small Seed Satchel IconSmall Seed Satchel
Small Wallet IconSmall Wallet Tycoon Wallet IconTycoon Wallet Water DragonWater Dragon's Scale

List of Equipment

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