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List of Medals

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Zelda Skyward Sword HD - List of Medals
This is a list of Medals in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to obtain each item and its effects!

List of Medals

Item How to Get
Bug Medal IconBug Medal Purchase from Beedle for 1000 Rupees.
Effects: Shows the location of bugs on the map.
Cursed Medal IconCursed Medal Obtained from Batreaux after acquiring 30 Gratitude Crystals.
Effects: Rupees and Treasures appear more frequently but also disables your Adventure Pouch.
Heart Medal IconHeart Medal ・Activate the Goddess Cube southwest of Lanayru Desert and open the chest in the island south of Skyloft.
・Activate the Goddess Cube northeast of Lanayru Desert and open the chest in the island in between Bamboo Island and Beedle's Island.
Effects: Recovery Hearts appear more frequently.
In Hero Mode, equipping the medal causes hearts and heart flowers to reappear.
Life Medal IconLife Medal ・Purchase from Beedle for 800 Rupees.
・Activate the Goddess Cube at Lanayru Desert and open the chest on the island northwest of Fun Fun Island.
Effects: Gives you one extra heart.
Potion Medal IconPotion Medal Activate the Goddess Cube at Skipper's Retreat and open the chest in an island west of Skyloft.
Effects: Doubles the effects of potions.
Rupee Medal IconRupee Medal ・Activate the Goddess Cube in Faron Woods and open the chest inside the Thunderhead northeast of the Isle of Songs.
・Activate the Goddess Cube on top of Skyview Temple and open the chest at Beedle's Island.
Effects: Rupees appear more frequently.
Treasure Medal IconTreasure Medal Activate the Goddess Cube east of the Earth Temple and open the chest in an island southeast of Beedle's Island.
Effects: Treasures appear more frequently.

What Are Medals?

Items that Provide Passive Effects

Medals give you passive effects that boost your abilities and can be found in Beedle's Shop or in Goddess Chests. Equipping a medal takes one space in your Adventure Pouch.

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