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Skyward Sword HD Glittering Spores

This is a guide to getting the Glittering Spores in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (HD) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn where to find Glittering Spores, as well as how to use it.

Glittering Spores Basic Information

Glittering Spores
Currently Unavailable
Item Type Bottle
Sparkling spores taken from a glowing mushroom. Must be useful for something!

How to Get Glittering Spores

How to Obtain Glittering Spores

Item Unlock Condition
Glittering Spores Slash a glittery mushroom and use an Empty Bottle to scoop the spores.
Effects: Stuns enemies. It can also be used to turn hearts into fairies and change a Rupee's value.

Faron glittering mushroom.jpg

Glittering Spores are a helpful item that triggers various reactions to specific items or enemies when sprayed. To collect Glittering Spores, hit a glittering mushroom in Faron Woods with your sword and scoop the Glittering Spores with an Empty Bottle. Glittering Spores can be used up to 5 times.

Faron Woods Walkthrough

Effects of Glittering Spores

Glittering Spores Effects
  • Spraying on Heart Flowers will turn it into Fairies
  • Spraying on Rupees will randomly change its color and value (Rupoors can also appear)
  • Spraying on enemies will stun them
  • Spraying on Gossip Stones will have a unique interaction (Try it out!)

Stun enemies

Glittering spores - stun enemies.jpg
Using Glittering Spores on most enemies will stun them, allowing you to attack freely.

Spraying on Heart Flowers will turn it into Fairies

fairy - glittering spores.gif
Using Glittering Spores on Hearts plants will turn it into fairies. This can be used to collect Fairies before going inside long dungeons.

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Change Rupee Rarity

Glittering spores - rupees.gif
Spraying Glittering Spores on Rupees will randomly change its color and value. Note that Rupoors can also appear.

Rupee Farming Guide: How to Get Rupees (Money) Quickly

Shrink Gossip Stones

glittering spores - gossip stones.gif
Pour Glittering Spores on Gossip Stones to shrink it down. A fun little interaction with Glittering Spores!

Gossip Stone Locations and List of Treasures

How to Use Glittering Spores

How to Equip from Inventory

Press and Hold the R Button

How to Equip Bottle Items from Inventory
Hold down the ZR Button on the Right Joy-Con to bring up the Items menu. Point the controller at the Glittering Spores bottle and let go of the ZR Button to equip it.

Press A to Use Glittering Spores

How to Use Bottle Items from Inventory
Once you have equipped Glittering Spores, press A Button to use it.

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