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Faron Woods Tadtones Locations: How to Find All Tadtones

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Skyward Sword HD Tadtones Locations

This walkthrough will cover all Tadtone locations in Zelda: Skyward Sword HD (Switch). Learn where to find all Tadtones in Faron Woods, as well as other useful tips on how to find them.

Where to Find All Tadtones

When players return to Faron Woods to learn part of the Song of the Hero, they will be dropped into a flooded version of the area. Players are then tasked by Faron herself to locate all of the missing Tadtones (fish versions of musical notes).

Tadtone Locations

Tadtones can be found in six different colors (yellow, green, red, violet, cyan, and magenta) and can be found usually in groups. They are scattered throughout the area, all of which are under water.

How to Find All Tadtones
1 Tadtone 1 Next to the small lily pads that are near Bucha's big lily pad.
2 Tadtone 2 Under the big root on the east side of the Great Tree
3 Tadtone 3 Inside the smaller hollowed out tree.
4 Tadtone 4 Between the roots of the smaller hollowed out tree.
5 Tadtone 5 In the open swimming around a tree in the easternmost part of the area.
6 Tadtone 6 In front of the Viewing Platform.
7 Tadtone 7 Inside the Viewing Platform.
8 Tadtone 8 Next to the Viewing Platform.
9 Tadtone 9 Caught in the underside of a lily pad just north of the Great Tree. Climb on the Great Tree and jump down on the lily pad to release the Tadtone.
10 Tadtone 10 Swimming around a tree north west of the Great Tree.
11 Tadtone 11 North east of the Great Tree, behind some rocks. Spin attack the nearby Froak to blow up the rocks.
12 Tadtone 12 South west of the Great Tree, hiding across from each other in the grass.
13 Tadtone 13 Near the Faron Woods Entry Bird Statue.
14 Tadtone 14 In the south wester part of the map, they form a long line through the path.
15 Tadtone 15 Swimming near the Lake Floria Gate.
16 Tadtone 16 North of the two Kikwi who are on a lily pad in the south.
17 Tadtone 17 Swimming around the sea floor west of Bucha.

How to Locate Tadtones

Tadtone groups

Players will need to collect a full group of Tadtones before moving on to the next. If all Tadtones in a group are not collected in time, then they will leave the players inventory and will need to be collected again.

Collect Tadtones with Spin Attack

When near Tadtones, unleashing a spin attack will activate a magnet-like effect and pull in the Tadtones around you.

How to Swim Underwater

Poison and air bubbles

Poison Bubbles
While underwater, players can use the blue bubbles to refill Link's oxygen gauge. Purple (poison) bubbles will have the opposite effect and choke Link by depleting part of his oxygen gauge. Tadtones also give you a little bit of oxygen as you catch them, so players will not have to worry so much about drowning while collecting Tadtones.

Watch out for the Craniocs

Cranioc stunned
After players collect 7 full notes, a shiver of Craniocs will appear. You can easily defeat the Craniocs with spin attacks. They can also be avoided by staying in the deeper part of the water, as Craniocs stay near the surface.

How to Beat the Cranioc

Dowsing for Tadtones

Bucha tadtone dousing
After players collect 12 full notes, Bucha will help players unlock the ability to douse for the remaining Tadtones. Dowsing can not be done while in the water so players will need to be on land to perform it.

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