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How to Catch Birds: Bird Farming Guide

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Skyward Sword HD How to Catch Birds

This is a guide to catching birds for farming Bird Feathers and Blue Bird Feathers in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn tips to catch birds, how to use the Bug Net, as well as the best locations to farm birds!

How to Catch Birds

Get the Bug Net from Beedle's Shop in Skyloft

Beedle shop - bug net

Item Effect
Bug Net IconBug Net A net for catching small insects and other things.

The Bug Net can be obtained by buying it from Beedle's Shop in Skyloft for 50 Rupees, allowing you to catch birds for bird feathers.

How to Go to Beedle's Shop

Identify the color of bird

Blue Bird Feather Farming with Bug Net.gif
Before catching the birds, identify first the feather you wish to get. Catching birds that are not blue-colored will give you Bird Feathers, while birds that are blue-colored will give you Blue Bird Feathers.

Approach birds quietly then swing your Bug Net

Approach Birds Slowly with Bug Net.gif
Birds will fly away from you when you run to them. To prevent that, slowly approach the birds by lightly moving the Left Thumbstick. This allows you to sneak behind birds and easily catch them.

How to Get the Bug Net

Bird Catching Tips

Swipe horizontally with your Bug Net for more coverage

Horizontal Bug Net Swipe Bird Farm.gif
Use horizontal swipes when catching birds. Once you swing your Bug Net, birds near you will start to fly away, so it is better to wait for them to group up, then swiftly swipe your Bug Net left and right.

Note that birds that flew away will land back once you get far away.

Upgrade your Bug Net

Item Required Materials
Big Bug Net IconBig Bug Net Bug Net
Tumbleweed x3
Evil Crystal x1
Ancient Flower x2
Upgrade Price: 100 Rupees

Upgrade your Bug Net to Big Bug Net from the Scarp Shop in Skyloft Bazaar. This will give you a bigger Bug Net to catch birds more easily.

List of Upgrades: Best Item Upgrades and Required Materials

Bird Locations

Birds are primarily seen in the Faron Region. They are often flocked together, and their color when they spawn is sometimes random.

Below is a table of bird locations in the Faron Region, indicated by a red dot ⚫.

Recommended Bird Farming Locations
Sealed Grounds
Faron Woods
Deep Woods

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