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How to Sell Items

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Zelda Skyward Sword HD - How to Sell Items
This is a guide on how to sell items in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn what items you can sell, as well as their sell price.

How to Sell Items

Sell Equipment to Peatrice at the Bazaar

Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Sell Items to Peatrice
Certain equipment can be sold to Peatrice at the Bazaar during the day. These include shields, bomb bags, satchels, and quivers.

To sell an item, press the A Button and move it over to the Sell icon on the bottom left corner. Select "OK." when Peatrice asks you to confirm the purchase.

See the table below to learn which items can be sold to Peatrice, as well as their sell price.

Item Sell Price
Goddess Shield IconGoddess Shield 500
Divine Shield IconDivine Shield 400
Sacred Shield IconSacred Shield 300
Fortified Shield IconFortified Shield 150
Reinforced Shield IconReinforced Shield 80
Iron Shield IconIron Shield 50
Braced Shield IconBraced Shield 100
Banded Shield IconBanded Shield 50
Wooden Shield IconWooden Shield 20
Large Quiver IconLarge Quiver 150
Medium Quiver IconMedium Quiver 80
Small Quiver IconSmall Quiver 50
Large Bomb Bag IconLarge Bomb Bag 150
Medium Bomb Bag IconMedium Bomb Bag 80
Small Bomb Bag IconSmall Bomb Bag 50
Large Seed Satchel IconLarge Seed Satchel 150
Medium Seed Satchel IconMedium Seed Satchel 80
Small Seed Satchel IconSmall Seed Satchel 50

List of Equipment

Sell Treasures to Rupin at Night

Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Sell Materials to Rupin

At night, you can go to Rupin's house and sell treasures. On any given night, Rupin only buys four treasures so you may need to sleep until night to sell the treasure he wants to buy.

See the table below to learn the sell price of each treasure.

Item Sell Price
Amber Relic IconAmber Relic 30
Ancient Flower IconAncient Flower 30
Bird Feather IconBird Feather 20
Blue Bird Feather IconBlue Bird Feather 100
Dusk Relic IconDusk Relic 30
Eldin Ore IconEldin Ore 30
Evil Crystal IconEvil Crystal 30
Goddess Plume IconGoddess Plume 100
Golden Skull IconGolden Skull 100
Hornet Larvae IconHornet Larvae 20
Jelly Blob IconJelly Blob 30
Lizard Tail IconLizard Tail 30
Monster Claw IconMonster Claw 30
Monster Horn IconMonster Horn 30
Ornamental Skull IconOrnamental Skull 30
Tumbleweed IconTumbleweed 20

Sell Bugs to Strich at Night

Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Sell Bugs to Strich
You can sell your extra bugs to Strich in his room at the Knight Academy during nighttime. Much like Rupin, Strich only buys three varieties of insects so you need to check back and sell the bugs he wants to buy.

The table below shows a list of all bugs as well as their sell price.

Item Sell Price
Blessed Butterfly IconBlessed Butterfly 5
Deku Hornet IconDeku Hornet 1
Eldin Roller IconEldin Roller 40
Faron Grasshopper IconFaron Grasshopper 40
Gerudo Dragonfly IconGerudo Dragonfly 30
Lanayru Ant IconLanayru Ant 20
Sand Cicada IconSand Cicada 50
Sky Stag Beetle IconSky Stag Beetle 20
Skyloft Mantis IconSkyloft Mantis 10
Starry Firefly IconStarry Firefly 30
Volcanic Ladybug IconVolcanic Ladybug 20
Woodland Rhino Beetle IconWoodland Rhino Beetle 20

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