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How to Find the Moonlight Merchant

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Skyward Sword HD How to Find the Moonlight Merchant

This is a guide to the Moonlight Merchant side quest in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to find the Moonlight Merchant Merchant, and rare items you can buy!

How to Find the Moonlight Merchant

Moonlight Merchant Basic Information

Location Skyloft - Waterfall Cave at Night
Availability After finishing the Goddess's Silent Realm

Goddess's Silent Realm Guide

Moonlight Merchant Map and Location

The Moonlight Merchant is found inside the Waterfall Cave in Skyloft at nighttime. When you go to the location on the map, you can find Blessed Butterflies flying around. Play the Goddess's Harp, and the Moonlight Merchant should appear out of the ground.

Moonlight Merchant Item List

Item Price
Goddess Plume 200 Rupees
Blue Bird Feather
Golden Skull
Monster Horn 100 Rupees
Dusk Relic
Evil Crystal

You can buy rare, usually hard-to-get items from the Moonlight Merchant with Rupees! If you wish to buy them again, simply exit and re-enter Waterfall Cave.

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