How to Get the Fortified Shield: Location and How to Use | Zelda: Skyward Sword HD (Switch)

Skyward Sword HD Fortified Shield
This is a guide to getting the Fortified Shield in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (HD) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn where to find Fortified Shield, as well as how to use it.

Fortified Shield Basic Information

Fortified Shield
Fortified Shield Set
Item Type Shield
The most durable iron shield. It won't burn or easily break, but it won't protect you from electrical attacks!

Fortified Shield Sell Price

Fortified Shield can be sold to Peatrice at the Item Check for 150 Rupees.

Item Price
Fortified Shield 150

Effective against fire

Iron Shield against fire.gif
Unlike the Wooden Shield, the Iron Shield and its upgrades can withstand against fire. This is recommended to use when you are exploring Eldin Volcano.

Ineffective against electricity

Iron Shield against electricity.gif
The downside of Iron Shields is that it will electrocute in contact with electricity, or electric weapons. Link will be shocked and stunned, leaving you defenseless.

It is recommended to use Wooden Shields while exploring Lanayru Desert.

How to Get Fortified Shield

Upgrade Using Materials

Fortified Shield can be obtained after upgrading it with the necessary materials.

See the table below to learn which materials are needed to obtain the Fortified Shield.

Item Required Materials
Fortified Shield IconFortified Shield Reinforced Shield
Tumbleweed x3
Monster Claw x3
Eldin Ore x3
Blue Bird Feather x1

All Fortified Shield Upgrades

Item Required Materials
Reinforced Shield IconReinforced Shield Iron Shield
Ornamental Skull x2
Monster Claw x2
Eldin Ore x2
Upgrade Price: 50 Rupees
Fortified Shield IconFortified Shield Reinforced Shield
Tumbleweed x3
Monster Claw x3
Eldin Ore x3
Blue Bird Feather x1
Upgrade Price: 100 Rupees

List of Upgrades

How to Use Fortified Shield

Press and Hold the R Button

Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Point and Release the R Button to Equip
Hold down the R Button on the right Joy-Con to bring up the Pouch menu. Point the controller at the shield and let go of the R Button to equip it.

If done correctly, the shield will appear on Link's back.

Shake the Left Joy-Con or Press the Left Joystick to Block

Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Using the Shield to Block
Once you have the shield equipped, shake the left Joy-Con or press the left joystick to use the shield. You can use this maneuver to block or deflect enemy attacks.

How to Use Button and Motion Controls

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