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Bug Heaven Guide: How to Unlock Bug Hunt

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Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Bug Heaven Guide
This is a guide to the Bug Heaven (Bug Hunt) minigame in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to unlock Bug Heaven, rewards, as well as tips and tricks!

How to Unlock Bug Heaven

Reach Bug Rock after Defeating Bilocyte

Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Beedle
After defeating Bilocyte inside the Thunderhead, head to Bug Rock and talk to Strich to start the minigame.

How to Beat Bilocyte

Bug Heaven Rules

Catch the Bugs as Fast as Possible

Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Bug Heaven Bug Wrangler Bugs
The goal of the minigame is to catch the bugs found on the left corner of your screen as fast as possible.

There are two levels of difficulty in Bug Heaven. Bug Beginner costs 20 Rupees to play and requires you to catch five bugs while Bug Wrangler costs 50 Rupees to play and requires you to catch 10 bugs.

See the table below to learn what bugs you need to collect per level!

Bugs Required to Catch

Level Bugs Required
Bug Beginner Skyloft Mantis
Volcanic Ladybug
Lanayru Ant
Sky Stag Beetle
Starry Firefly
Bug Wrangler Faron Grasshopper x2
Woodland Rhino Beetle
Skyloft Mantis
Blessed Butterfly
Lanayru Ant
Sand Cicada
Gerudo Dragonfly
Eldin Roller x2

Bug Heaven Tips and Tricks

Video Walkthrough for Bug Wrangler Mode

Use Button-Only Controls

Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Use Button-Only Controls

It is recommended to use button-only controls when playing Bug Heaven. Using these controls allows you to quickly catch the bugs and finish the minigame in under two minutes.

Using the motion controls may cause unintentional movements, such as swinging down the net at a wrong angle, making the minigame more difficult.

How to Use Button and Motion Controls

Use the Big Bug Net

Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Big Bug Net
Before starting the minigame, it is recommended to upgrade the Bug Net into the Big Bug Net. The upgrade comes in handy as it has a larger net, making it easy to catch bugs!

How to Get the Big Bug Net

Plan Your Run

The bugs that you need to catch in the minigame are predetermined, so you only need to plan your run and catch the required bugs as fast as possible.

See the section below to learn how to complete the Bug Wrangler mode for Bug Heaven. Note that this is the same mode played during the Beddle's Missing Beetle side quest.

How to Complete Bug Wrangler

Location Guide
① Sand Cicada Look to your left and you'll see a Sand Cicada near the ledge.
② Woodland Rhino Beetle Go down the ledge and you should see a Woodland Rhino Beetle by the wall.
③ Blessed Butterfly Go down the ledge to get Blessed Butterfly.
④ Faron Grasshopper Go further ahead and get the Faron Grasshopper by the grassy area.
⑤ Eldin Roller Get the Eldin Roller across the scaffolding.
⑥ Faron Grasshopper and Eldin Roller Go through an entrance to get Faron Grasshopper and Eldin Roller by the spiderweb.
⑦ Crawl under the narrow passage Exit the room via the narrow passage on the left of the wall.
⑧ Skyloft Mantis Break the vases on the left to get the Skyloft Mantis.
⑨ Lanayru Ant Get the Lanayru Ant at the edge of the area.
⑩ Gerudo Dragonfly If go you further ahead, you'll be able to see the Gerudo Dragonfly.

Bug Heaven Rewards

Beedle's Insect Cage

Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Bug Heaven Beedle
If you have completed the minigame as part of Beedle's side quest in under 3 minutes, Strich will give back Beedle's missing beetle as a reward.

Beedle's Missing Beetle Walkthrough

Rupees or Random Bugs

Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Bug Heaven Reward
Bug Heaven rewards you with Rupees or Bugs depending on how fast you have completed the minigame.

See the table below to learn the rewards for both Bug Beginner and Bug Wrangler modes.

Bug Beginner Rewards

Time Rewards
Under 5 minutes 30 Rupees
Under 3 minutes 50 Rupees
Under 2 minutes Blessed Butterflies x5
Skyloft Mantis x5
Sky Stag Beetle x5
Deku Hornet x5

Bug Wrangler Rewards

Time Rewards
Under 5 minutes 80 Rupees
Under 3 minutes Lanayru Ant x5
Gerudo Dragonfly x5
Volcanic Ladybug x5
Woodland Rhino Beetle x5
Under 2 minutes Eldin Roller x5
Faron Grasshopper x5
Sand Cicada x5
Starry Firefly x5

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