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Lumpy Pumpkin Sidequest Guide

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Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Lumpy Pumpkin Sidequest Guide
This is a guide to the Side Quest in Lumpy Pumpkin, in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to start the Lumpy Pumpkin Sidequest, deliver pumpkin soup to the Knight Commander, balance the pumpkins, and perform the harp duet at the Lumpy Pumpkin to earn a Piece of Heart!

Lumpy Pumpkin Side Quest Walkthrough

Break the Chandelier to get a Piece of Heart

As soon as you gain access to your Loftwing and can travel around freely (after Zelda goes missing), you can fly southwest and head toward the Lumpy Pumpkin at Pumpkin Landing.
Skyloft Walkthrough

Roll at the railing to get the Piece of Heart

Skyward Sword HD Lumpy Pumpkin Heart Piece 1.png

After going into the Lumpy Pumpkin, go to the second floor balcony where you can see the chandelier. Dash and roll towards the railing, and the chandelier should be swinging once you hit it. Keep rolling towards the railing until a cutscene shows that you've smashed the chandelier, dropping rupees and a Piece of Heart.

How to Get All Pieces of Heart

Talk to Pumm

Skyward Sword HD Lumpy Pumpkin Pumm
At this point, talking to an angry Pumm on the ground floor of the Lumpy Pumpkin after you've smashed the chandelier will trigger the side quest. He will ask you to do some tasks to help compensate for his broken chandelier.

Job 1: Deliver Pumpkin Soup to the Knight Commander

Skyward Sword HD Lumpy Pumpkin Sidequest Guide.png
Your first task is to Deliver Pumpkin Soup to the Knight Commander. First, you must already have an empty bottle. One can be obtained for free by speaking with the Luv, the poitions dealer at the bazaar.

How to Get All Empty Bottles

Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Knight Commander Eagus Sparring Hall

Empty bottle in hand, speak with Pumm to recieve the Hot Pumpkin Soup. Take the bottle of soup to Eagus at the Sparring Hall at Skyloft, which is located just Northwest of the Knight's Academy (where you obtained the Practice Sword). You must arrive within five minutes and deliver the soup, or it will go cold and you will have to restart.
Pumpkin Soup Delivery Quest

Job 2: Carry a Stack of Pumpkins to Storage

Skyward Sword HD -  Lumpy Pumpkin Carry Pumpkins

Don't drop any of the Pumpkins

For your second task, you need to carry a stack of pumpkins on the Pumpkin Landing's storage area without dropping any of them. This task can only be started after completing the Earth Temple.

Earth Temple Walkthrough

Carefully shift your weight

The key to not dropping any pumpkins is to move forward towards your left, then take a step to the right so the pumpkins all start to shift right. Once they do, continue forward and left until you get to the storage room.

Pumpkin Carrying Side Quest

Job 3: Perform In Front of an Audience

Use the Goddess's Harp to Perform

For the third and final task, you need to perform in front of an audience using your Goddess's Harp at the Lumpy Pumpkin at night. This can be done after completing the Mining Facility and receiving the Goddess's Harp.

You need strum your harp in time with the audience's movements to succeed.

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Lumpy Pumpkin Side Quest Reward

Piece of Heart

Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Lumpy Pumpkin Side Quest Reward

In addition to the Piece of Heart obtained from the Chandelier at the start of the quest, completing all of Pumm's jobs will net you another Piece of Heart.

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