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Eldin Volcano 5 Key Piece Locations: How to Get the Earth Temple Key

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Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Eldin Volcano 5 Key Pieces: How to Get the Earth Temple Key
This is a guide to getting all 5 of the Key Pieces in Eldin Volcano, in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn the location of each key piece in order to recover the Earth Temple Key!

Eldin Volcano Key Piece Locations

At the top of Eldin Volcano, just before entering the Earth Temple, you will overhear a conversation that the Earth Temple's key has been split up and buried in the area. You must then locate all five pieces in order to enter the temple!

Map Locations

Key Pieces #1, #2, and #3

  • Key Piece #1 is north (topmost middle of the map)
  • Key Piece #2 is southwest (bottom left of the map)
  • Key Piece #3 is southeast (bottom right of the map)

Key Pieces #4 and #5

  • Key Piece #4 is west (left of the map)
  • Key Piece #5 is east (right of the map)

Key Piece #1 Location

The first key piece can be found near the temple entrance. When facing the temple, look to the dig spots on the left, one of them will contain the first piece.

Key Piece #2 Location

Head left while facing the temple entrance, over to where the Bomb Flowers are, you should spot a slope with a wooden tower at the bottom. Roll a Bomb Flower down and knock over the wooden tower to reveal a dig spot which contains the second piece of the key.

Key Piece #3 Location

Back in front of where the temple doors are, you should find a pair of bomb flowers near the ledge. Try to roll them towards the bombable rocks on the left side about halfway down the slope you climbed up to get there. Doing so will reveal the location of the third piece of the key.

Key Piece #4 Location

Facing the temple, head right, past the area with the bokoblins. Throw a bomb at the large tower so you can proceed ahead, and continue along the path. Eventually you will reach an area with extremely high temperature, and you'll have to dash through to make it. Once entering this area, immediately head to the right and head toward the sandy slope.

As you slide down the long slope in the northwest side of the volcano, take the rightmost path of the slide. While sliding down, stick to the left wall so that you can get on a ledge. From this ledge there will be two updrafts you'll have to jump to in order to get to another ledge across the chasm. Be sure to time your jump properly! The fourth piece of the key will be in the hole on this platform.

Key Piece #5 Location

At the bottom of the slide, head forward and jump across the platforms. From where the Stamina Flower is take the fork in the path. You'll find a Bomb Flower in the next room. Use this bomb flower to blow up the crack in the wall near where you entered the cave. Once you do, the lava will recede, opening up the path to the other side.

With the lava receded, take another bomb flower and roll it across the slope to blow up the rocks on the opposite side. You'll uncover a small chamber with a hole where the fifth piece of the key will be. Once you've collected all the key pieces, you can head to another nearby cave to be sent back upward, and proceed to the temple.

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