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Clean Cut Challenge Bamboo Cutting Game

This is a guide to the Clean Cut Challenge minigame in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to unlock Clean Cut Challenge, how to do the bamboo cutting game, rewards, as well as tips and tricks!

How to Unlock Clean Cut Challenge

Reach Bamboo Island

Unlike other minigames, you do not need to complete a side quest or progress through the main story to unlock Clean Cut Challenge. Simply fly to Bamboo Island north of Skyloft and pay Peater 10 Rupees to start the challenge.

Clean Cut Challenge Rules

Clean Cut Challenge - Tips and Tricks

Clean Cut Challenge makes use of your sword, which you will use to slice down a bamboo. The goal of this mini-game is to get as many cuts as possible as it falls down.

Bamboo Cutting Game Rewards

Rupees or Random Treasures

Clean Cut Challenge - Reward
The rewards you obtain upon reaching a certain number of cuts are random. See the table below to learn the possible rewards for this minigame.

Cuts Rewards
0-14 Cuts No Rewards
15-19 Cuts 30 Rupees
20-27 Cuts Monster Horn
Evil Crystal
28+ Cuts Goddess Plume
Golden Skull
Blue Bird Feather

Clean Cut Challenge Tips and Tricks

Cut the Bamboo in a Single Direction

Clean Cut Challenge - One manner slice
It is recommended to slice the bamboo in a single manner (horizontally or vertically) as this causes it to fall down on the center of its gravity without swaying it too much, allowing you to get more cuts. In addition, you can also stab the bamboo to achieve the same results.

Use a Stamina Potion and Perform a Spin Attack

Clean Cut Challenge - Spin
An easy way to increase your number of cuts is to drink a Stamina Potion + before starting the minigame. This lets you perform an infinite number of Spin Attacks until the timer runs out.

When the minigame starts, swing your controller to the left and to the right to perform a Spin Attack. Keep doing this maneuver until you reach the certain number of cuts you need to claim your reward.

Upgrade Your Sword to Cut Better

Clean Cut Challenge - Better.jpg

As the game progresses, your sword becomes better and longer. This makes it easier to reach and cut the bamboo.

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