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Gaepora: Character Profile and Story Information

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Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Gaepora: Character Profile and Story Information
This page is about Gaepora, a character in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Learn Gaepora's role in the story of Skyward Sword, character profile, and more!

Gaepora Profile

Location Knight Academy
Description The headmaster of the Knight Academy and Zelda's father.

Gaepora Role in Skyward Sword

The Headmaster

Gaepora - the Headmaster
When Zelda expresses concers on Link not being able to win in the Wing Ceremony, Gaepora reassures her and tells her that Link has a strong bond with his loftwing, also noting that his Crimson loftwing is incredibly rare and thought to be extinct. After finding out that Link's loftwing is missing, Gaepora delays the Wing Ceremony so that Link could go look for his loftwing.

A Guardian and Zelda's Father

Gaepora - Zelda
After Zelda's disappearance, Gaepora finds Link in the Statue of the Goddess with the Goddess Sword. He explains that he is the guardian of the Chamber of the Sword. After Link explains that he must go to The Surface to find zelda, Gaepora warns Link that it will be a difficult task. Once Link places the Emerald Tablet into the altar, Gaepora explains to Link that he and Zelda are part of an ancient legend. He then tells him to fulfill the legend and find his daughter.

Throughout Link's travels, he returns to Skyloft from time to time to ask Gaepora about information about the Ballad of the Goddess to gain access to the Isle of Songs, and also asks him about the Triforce.

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