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Zelda: Character Profile and Story Information

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Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Zelda: Character Profile and Story Information
This page is about Zelda, a character in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Learn Zelda's role in the story of Skyward Sword, character profile, and more!

Zelda's Profile

Location Skyloft
Voice Actor Yu Shimamura
Description Link's childhood friend, and the titular character. She attempts to fulfill her destiny after being separated from Link.

Zelda's Role in Skyward Sword

Link's childhood friend

Zelda - Link as childhood friend
Zelda and Link are both childhood friends, both residing in the floating city of Skyloft.

At the start of the game, Zelda calls out to Link to meet her at the Statue of the Goddess, where these two shared a friendly and intimate conversation.

Zelda is shown to be very supportive of Link, even defending Link when Groose and his friends picked on him, and also being ecstatic when Link won the Wing Ceremony.

During this introductory part of the story, Zelda appears to be hearing something from underneath the skies.

Lost in the Surface

Link and Zelda - Destiny.jpg
Shortly after the Wing Ceremony, while Link and Zelda are flying aboard their Loftwings, the two childhood friends were swept by an unknown force. Zelda went astray down the Sky, and landed on Sealed Grounds.

There, Zelda found Impa and started to set in motion her destiny in this world. Meanwhile, Link has just started to descend to the Surface.

Zelda's Destiny

Zelda - Destiny as the Goddess

After clearing the Lanayru Mining Facility, Link runs up to the Temple of Time to reunite with Zelda, but Ghirahim appears and attempts to cut the reunion short. Impa prompts Zelda to enter a certain gate where she will be safe, but once again separated from Link.

While away, Zelda learns her true nature and the reason why she must be kept far away.

Goddess Hylia Incarnate

Goddess Reincarnated

After entering the Gates of Time, Zelda was transported back to the past to remain inside Sealed Grounds away from Ghirahim's grasp, with Impa protecting her.

After Link collects all the Three Sacred Flames, he enters the Gate of Time inside Sealed Grounds to finally reunite with Zelda. However, Link soon learns the bittersweet truth of his dear childhood friend.

Zelda is the reincarnated form of Goddess Hylia, made mortal. She must remain as such, and must be put in deep sleep so that Demise would not break free from his seal.

Zelda says her goodbyes to Link, that she will always be her dear childhood friend, as she upgrades Link's sword into the True Master Sword, and instructs him to search for the Triforce that can end Demise once and for all.

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