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This is a guide for Koloktos, the boss at Ancient Cistern in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn strategies for how to beat Koloktos, see Koloktos's moves, and learn rewards for beating them!

Koloktos Basic Information

Koloktos Basic Info.jpg
Titles Ancient Automaton
Locations Ancient Cistern
Rewards Heart Container, Farore's Flame , Upgraded Goddess Sword

How to Beat Koloktos

CheckmarkDetach the arms with a whip

CheckmarkAttack the exposed heart

CheckmarkFirst Phase: Fight at one backstep away from close contact

CheckmarkSecond Phase: Attacks using the sword of the detached arm

CheckmarkSecond Phase: Don't let him near you

Detach the arms with a whip

Detach Koloktos
To defeat Koloktos, first detach the arms so that the heart will be exposed. You can pull it out by taking out the screws with your whip when the opponent hits your arm.

Attack the exposed heart

Attack Koloktos
If you detach his four arms, you will be able to attack the heart which is Koloktos' weakness. Even in this state, the enemy will attack, but if you hit the heart it will damage and scare the enemy.

First Phase: Fight at one backstep away from close contact

Skyward Sword Koloktos Boss Guide
Koloktos can be damaged by detaching his arm when he slams his arms, but if the distance is too far or too close, this technique cant be done well. Therefore, it is recommended that you fight at a distance that is one backstep away from the close contact.

This is because Koloktos' frequency of axe throwing is drastically reduced for the distance of one backstep, he is more likely to slam his arms, and some of his attacks can't reach you.

If you dont know the distance for one backstep, use the dents on the floor as a guide.

Second Phase: Attack using the sword of the detached arm

Attack Koloktos using the sword of the detached arm.gif
On the second phase, Koloktos' heart is now securely protected, so you can't reach it. Attack the heart with the sword that Koloktos has. To get his sword, you need to pull out his arm, approach it and pick it up. Again, fight at one backstep away from close contact to induce his slam attack to be able to detach his arm.

You can neutralize him by cutting off his legs

Cut off Koloktos
Even if you pull out his arm, Koloktos will continue to attack you, and if you pick up your sword, you will not be able to step or guard. If you cut off the leg of Dyle Oma here, you can disable it so that you can do nothing, so if you pick up the sword, cut off the leg in a hurry.

Second Phase: Don't let him near you

Dont let Koloktos near you.gif
During the second phase, Koloktos will grow legs and follow you, so make sure not to let him close the gap betwen you. Leave a little distance between you and him so that they can't reach you.

Koloktos's Attack Patterns

CheckmarkSlam attack

CheckmarkAxe throw

CheckmarkCut off both arms

Checkmark3 Slam Attacks

CheckmarkContinuous slash

CheckmarkSummons Bokoblin


Slam attack


Avoid it by backstepping repeatedly

Avoid slamming attacks by backstepping, or moving left and right repeatedly once the enemy begins to raise their arms.

Axe throw


Avoid by taking moving to the side

Avoid his axe by moving to the side. Be careful since Koloktos' axe acts as a boomerang and flies back to him.

If you are far from Koloktos, you will only be able to attack him, so get closer to trigger a slamming attack to detach his arms.

Cut off using both arms

Koloktos cut off using both arms.gif

Avoid by backstepping

Both arms are have a wide left and right range, but the forward range is narrow. Therefore, even in close contact, it can be avoided with one back step.

3 Arm Slam


Avoid it by backstepping repeatedly

During the second phase, there will be three slamming attacks at the same time. To avoid it is the same as the first phase, which is by repeatedly backstepping.

Continuous slash


Avoid it by backstepping repeatedly

Continuous slashing is an attack used immediately after the second phase when Koloktos retrieves his limbs. He doesn't move a lot and attack, so backstep and dodge.

Summons Bokoblins

Koloktos Summons Bokoblins.gif

Use Spin Attack

Koloktos will summon 3 bokoblins. However, since this bokoblin has less HP than usual, it can be killed with a single Spin Attack.


Skyward Sword Koloktos Boss Guide

Move left and right

If you cut off all the arms of Koloktos during the second phase, he will use a Rush Attack. As he rushes towards you, move left and right to avoid him. Also, if Koloktos hits a wall while using Rush Attack, he will get knocked down and stops moving.

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