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This guide will explain how to get the Hylian Shield in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (HD) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn where to find Hylian Shield, as well as how to obtain it as early as possible!

Hylian Shield Basic Information

How to Obtain Hylian Shield

Item Unlock Condition
Hylian Shield IconHylian Shield Defeat eight bosses in the Lightning Round minigame.

The Strongest Shield

The Hylian Shield is the strongest shield available to Link in Skyward Sword. Unlike other shields, it never loses durability, and thus never breaks. This makes it better than even the Goddess Shield.

Thanks to it's unique ability to never lose durability, you won't have to worry about taking damage as long as your shield is up. This also makes it safer to pull off Shield Bashes.

In addition, the Hylian Shield is similar to the Sacred Shield since it is immune to Electric, Fire, and Curse attacks from enemies.

Shield Guide : How to Use the Shield

How to Get the Hylian Shield

Talk to Levias

Speak to Levias
To get the Hylian Shield early, you first need to talk to Levias in Thunderhead. He will teach you about the four parts of the Song of the Hero, three of which are from the dragons Faron (Water Dragon), Eldin (Fire Dragon), and Lanayru (Thunder Dragon).

Complete this as part of your 3rd visit to Skyloft

Helping Lanayru

Helping Lanayru Recover
After talking to Levias, you need to go to Lanayru Gorge and talk to Lanayru by retrieving a key around Lanayru's neck and using a Timeshift Stone.

Help Lanayru recover and complete his quest to go back in time and plant a Life Tree Fruit using a Gate of Time.

After going back to the present, you will see that the tree has grown. Shake the tree and give the fruit to Lanayru to help him recover. He will then give you his part of the Song of the Hero.
Complete this as part of the Lanayru Gorge section of the story

Obtaining the Hylian Shield

Defeat 8 Bosses in Boss Rush

After helping Lanayru recover, you can talk to him again and choose the option Battle. This will let you engage in a Boss Rush where you'll have to reface the game's bosses one after the other.

After a streak of eight bosses, Lanayru will offer you an "Absurdly Sturdy Shield". You can then opt to end the challenge here to receive the Hylian Shield as a reward.

Boss Rush Guide: How to Unlock Boss Rush and Rewards

Can You Get the Hylian Shield Early?

Cannot Be Obtained Early

As the Hylian Shield is the most powerful shield in Skyward Sword, there is no way to obtain it early, and it can only be obtained after Boss Rush becomes available. Until then, we recommend using a Sacred Shield, or one of its upgraded forms.

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How to Use the Hylian Shield

Press and Hold the R Button

Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Point and Release the R Button to Equip
Hold down the R Button on the right Joy-Con to bring up the Pouch menu. Point the controller at the shield and let go of the R Button to equip it.

If done correctly, the shield will appear on Link's back.

Shake the Left Joy-Con or Press the Left Joystick to Block

Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Using the Shield to Block
Once you have the shield equipped, shake the left Joy-Con or press the left joystick to use the shield. You can use this maneuver to block or deflect enemy attacks.

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