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Zelda Skyward Sword HD - List of Enemies
This is a list of all Enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn where to find these enemies, as well as the items they drop.

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List of Enemies

Enemy Location(s) Drops
Ampilus IconAmpilus Lanayru Desert, Lanayru Mining Facility None
Aracha Sandship, Lanayru Mining Facility
Armos IconArmos Lanayru Mining Facility None
Beamos IconBeamos Lanayru Mining Facility None
Blue Bokoblin IconBlue Bokoblin Faron Woods
Chuchu IconChuchu Around the Map, Skyloft, Eldin Volcano, Lanayru Desert, Faron Woods, Lanayru Mine
Cranioc IconCranioc Lake Floria, Lanayru Sand Sea, Faron Woods None
Cursed Bokoblin IconCursed Bokoblin Ancient Cistern
Cursed Spume IconCursed Spume Ancient Cistern, Fire Sanctuary None
Dark Keese IconDark Keese Fire Sanctuary
Dark Lizalfos IconDark Lizalfos Fire Sanctuary
Deku Baba IconDeku Baba Faron Woods , Lanayru Desert (Active Timeshift Stone), Sealed Grounds
Deku Hornet IconDeku Hornet Deep Woods, Bug Rock
Electro Spume IconElectro Spume Lanayru Mine, Lanayru Desert None
Eye Sentry Skyview Temple None
Fire Keese IconFire Keese Eldin Volcano, Earth Temple
Froak Faron Woods, Skyview Temple, Lake Floria None
Furnix Ancient Cistern, Skipper's Retreat None
Green Bokoblin IconGreen Bokoblin Faron Woods
Guay IconGuay Faron Woods, The Sky
Hrok IconHrok Lanayru Desert None
Keese IconKeese Skyloft, Waterfall Cave, Faron Woods, Skyview Temple, Lanayru Mine, Lanayru Mining Facility
LD-002S Scervo Sandship None
LD-003D Dreadfuse Sky Keep None
Lizalfos Earth Temple, Lanayru Sand Sea
Magma Spume IconMagma Spume Eldin Volcano, Earth Temple None
Magmanos Fire Sanctuary None
Metal Shield Moblin IconMetal Shield Moblin Sky Keep None
Moldorm Fire Sanctuary, Sky Keep None
Octorok Faron Woods, Lanayru Desert None
Octorok (Sky) IconOctorok (Sky) The Sky None
Pyrup Eldin Volcano, Sky Keep None
Quadro Baba IconQuadro Baba Skyview Temple, Faron Woods, Deep Woods, Lanayru Mine, Lanayru Desert , Sealed Grounds
Red Bokoblin IconRed Bokoblin Faron Woods
Red Bokoblin (Archer) IconRed Bokoblin (Archer) Eldin Volcano Summit, Fire Sanctuary, Sandship
Red Bokoblin (Leader) IconRed Bokoblin (Leader) Lanayru Mining Facility, Sandship
Remlit IconRemlit Skyloft None
Rupee Guay IconRupee Guay The Sky None
Sentrobe Lanayru Desert None
Skulltula IconSkulltula Skyview Temple, Ancient Cistern None
Skytail IconSkytail Thunderhead None
Staldra Skyview Temple, Lanayru Mining Facility None
Stalfos Skyview Temple, Sky Keep None
Stalmaster IconStalmaster Ancient Cistern None
Technoblin IconTechnoblin Lanayru Desert, Pirate Stronghold, Lanayru Gorge
Thunder Keese IconThunder Keese Lanayru Mine, Lanayru Desert
Walltula IconWalltula Skyview Temple, Faron Woods, Thunderhead
Water Spume IconWater Spume Lanayru Sand Sea None
Wooden Shield Moblin IconWooden Shield Moblin Faron Woods, Lanayru Desert, Skipper's Retreat, Eldin Volcano, Sky Keep None

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