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Skyward Sword HD Stalmaster

This guide will show you how to beat Stalmaster, an enemy in the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn where to find Stalmaster, drops for beating it, as well as strategy for beating it.

Stalmaster Basic Information

Stalmaster Basic Info.jpg
Locations Ancient Cistern
Rewards None

Stalmaster is an upgraded version of the Stalfos. Stalmaster comes equipped with better armor and more arms than the Stalfos.

How to Beat Stalmaster


How to Beat Stalmaster
Aim at the place where the enemy doesn't protect its body, then hit it immediately after a shield attack.

Much like when fighting the Stalfos, players want to focus their attacks on the hole in the Stalmaster's defense.

Attacking the Hole in the Defense

The Stalmaster will repel all attacks that hit its sword so players want to attack the opening in its defense. After a few guarded slashes the Stalmaster will unleash a powerful counter attack, so attack carefully.

Do Not Attack Recklessly

If the player slashes recklessly and does not respect the Stalmaster's swords, the Stalmaster will enter its ultimate defensive state and protect its body in all directions. If players attack while the Stalmaster is in this state, they will be met with a powerful counter attack.

If the Stalmaster enters this state, just wait it out and attack when it opens its arms again.

Shield Bash Strategy

Stalmaster Shield Bash
If players can meet Stalmaster's attacks with a Shield Bash, the enemy will be temporarily frightened and be open for attacks.

The timing of the Shield Bash is tough to get as you need to input it later than you might think.

Attacking During 4-Way Guard

Stalmaster 4 point guard
Once the Stalmaster sustains enough damage it will reach its full potential and use Four arms instead of Two. While on this state, the Stalmaster's can now guard all four directions at once. When the Stalmaster is in this state, it leaves its chest open for a thrust attack.

Bomb Strategy

Stalmaster Bomb Strat
If the Stalmaster is hit by the blastwave of a bomb, its arms will temporarily fall off, leaving it open to attacks.

Bomb detonate slowly so we recommend that you plan the explosion to combo with your normal attacks.

Stalmaster's Attacks

Attack Power Element Knockback
Sword 4 None Yes

Effective Weapons and Attacks

Weapon/Skill Effectivity
Sword Skyward Strike Spin Attack Bomb
Yes Yes Yes No
Bow Beetle Gust Bellows Clawshots
No No No No
Slingshot Whip
No No

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