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This is a guide to getting the Slingshot in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (HD) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn where to find Slingshot, as well as how to use it.

Slingshot Basic Information

Slingshot Set
Item Type Slingshot
A handy weapon that fires Deku Seeds. Direct hits can stun monsters.

How to Get Slingshot

How to Obtain Slingshot

Item Unlock Condition
Slingshot IconSlingshot Given by Bucha for free.

Faron Woods Walkthrough: All Maps, Kikwi Locations, Treasure Chests, Goddess Cubes, and Heart Pieces

Obtainable In Faron Woods

Given to you by Kiwki Elder Bucha, the Slingshot is given as a reward for finding the Three missing Kikwis. Take note of your ammo as the slingshot can not fire without it.

Kikwi Locations: Where to Find All Kikwi in Faron Woods

Get Slingshot Ammo From Field Objects or at the Bazaar

Slingshot - deku seeds.jpg
The Slingshot uses Deku Seeds as ammo. Ammo can be found in things like crates or bushes scattered across the world. Ammo is easily obtained near in the areas around the Skyview Temple. Players can also purchase ammo from Rupin at the Gear Shop in the Bazaar.

Increasing Slingshot Ammo Capacity

Slingshot - Small seed satchelt
When you first get the Slingshot, the amount of Deku Seed ammo you can stock is 20. Players can increase this limit by having a Seed Satchel in their Adventure Pouch. Seed Satchels can be purchased from Rupin in the Gear Shop or found in one of the Goddess Cubes.

Goddess Cube #4 Location

Using the Slingshot

Stun or beat enemies

Slingshot - stunning enemies.jpg
Slingshot's primary use in combat is to stun enemies. Use this to your advantage when battling against multiple enemies.

Note that some enemies will block shots from a Slingshot with their weapons.

Stun Octoroks to melee

Slingshot - stunning octorokst
Without a shield, Octoroks cannot be easily defeated without using a bow. To defeat this in early game however, you can use your slingshot to stun Octoroks, then swing your sword.

Beat flying enemies

Slingshot - flying enemiest
For flying enemies such as Keese, you can use the Slingshot to easily defeat them.

Dislodge Walltulla from walls

Slingshot - waltulla
In Faron Woods and Skyview Temple, you can use the slingshot to defeat Walltulas that obstructs you from climbing climbable walls.

Dislodge objects from trees

Slingshot - ammo.jpg
You can use Slingshots to make hanging objects fall. You can use this to fruits on trees to get Rupees or Deku Seeds, or interact with swinging vines.

Getting Hornet Larvae

Slingshot - interacting beehivest
Aside from rolling into trees, using slingshot will make Deku Hornet beehives fall to the ground. It will then drop Hornet Larvaes for you to collect.

Be mindful of the Deku Hornets as they will aggressively attack you when you use it.

Enter Beedle's Shop

Beedle shop - how to enter.jpg

You can use the Slingshot to enter Beedle's shop at Skyloft. Hit the bell with the weapon and a rope will come down, allowing you to grab it and enter the shop.

How to Go to Beedle's Shop and Island

All Slingshot Upgrades

Slingshot Upgrades

Item Required Materials
Scattershot IconScattershot Slingshot
Jelly Blob x3
Dusk Relic x2
Amber Relic x2
Upgrade Price: 50 Rupees

Upgrading the Slingshot to the Scattershot allows you to fire nine Deku Seeds at once while consuming one seed per use.

Seed Satchel Upgrades

Item Required Materials
Medium Seed Satchel IconMedium Seed Satchel Small Seed Satchel
Ornamental Skull x2
Monster Claw x3
Amber Relic x4
Upgrade Price: 50 Rupees
Effects: Lets you hold 20 additional Deku Seeds.
Large Seed Satchel IconLarge Seed Satchel Medium Seed Satchel
Monster Claw x3
Golden Skull x1
Blue Bird Feather x1
Amber Relic x5
Upgrade Price: 100 Rupees
Effects: Lets you hold 30 additional Deku Seeds.

The Seed Satchel is the bag that holds the ammunition for the Slingshot. Upgrading the satchel allows you to hold more Deku Seeds in one bag.

You can also equip multiple Seed Satchels in the Adventure Pouch to increase its capacity without upgrading it. However, since the pouch has limited slots, we recommend upgrading the satchels to increase its maximum capacity.

List of Upgrades

How to Use Scattershot

Press and Hold the ZR Button

How to Equp Scattershot from Inventory
Hold down the ZR Button on the Right Joy-Con to bring up the Items menu. Point the controller at the Slingshot and let go of the ZR Button to equip it.

Press the ZR Button to Use it

Hold to Shoot with Scattershot
Once you have equipped the Slingshot, press the ZR Button to use it. For motion controls, move your Right Joy-Con to aim, while for button controls, move your R-stick.

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