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How to Find the Windmill Propeller and Activate the Light Tower

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Zelda Skyward Sword HD - How to Find the Windmill Propeller and Activate the Light Tower
This guide will explain how to find the Windmill Propeller in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn where to find the windmill propeller and activate the Light Tower in Skyloft.

How to Find the Windmill Propeller

Just after clearing the Lanayru Mining Facility, and then defeating The Imprisoned for the first time, you will be tasked with finding the lyrics for the Goddess Ballad. After speaking with Headmaster Gaepora, he tells you that you need to have the windmills face the light tower.

Head Southwest of Skyloft

Sealed Grounds (2nd Visit) Walkthrough - 02.png
From the Knight Academy, walk towards the plaza, you should find a windmill to your right. You'll want to use your Gust Bellows to blast air at the propeller to rotate the windmill and point it at the Light tower.

Inspect the southeast windmill to trigger a cutscene.

Sealed Grounds (2nd Visit) Walkthrough - 03.png
Head to the second windmill at the southeast portion of Skyloft. When you get near enough a dialogue will play out and you'll discover that its pinwheel is missing.

Go to the Scrap Shop in the Bazaar and give him an Ancient Flower.

Sealed Grounds (2nd Visit) Walkthrough - 04.png
Speak to Gondo at the Bazaar's Scrap Shop. Give him an Ancient Flower when he asks for it. If you haven't picked one up, you should head back to the Lanayru Desert, go to the past, and look for one.

Find the missing propeller in Eldin Volcano.

Sealed Grounds (2nd Visit) Walkthrough - 05.png
Head to the Eldin Region and descend to the temple's entrance.

Once you land, head west to where the bomb flowers are and slide down the slope. Examine the propeller next to the fallen tower and Scrapper will retrieve it.

Use your Gust Bellows on the southeast windmill.

Sealed Grounds (2nd Visit) Walkthrough - 06.png
Return to Skyloft. Use the Gust Bellows to blast air at the propeller to rotate the windmill and point it at the Light Tower. At this point, you can climb the Light Tower to play the Ballad.

Skyloft (Second Visit) Walkthrough

How to Activate the Light Tower

Play the Goddess's Harp at the Light Tower

Sealed Grounds (2nd Visit) Walkthrough - 07.png

Climb up the Light Tower and press the X Button to equip the Goddess's Harp. Hold down the A Button and use the right Joy-Con, or right thumbstick for motion controls, to strum the harp.

Strum the harp based on the rhythm of the circle to activate the Light Tower.

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