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How to Do a Fatal Blow

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Zelda Skyward Sword HD - How to Do A Fatal Blow

This guide will cover how to do the Fatal Blow, a sword technique in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Learn how to activate this attack, as well as the fatal blow inputs in this guide.

What is a Fatal Blow?

A move for finishing off enemies

Fatal Blow intro

A Fatal Blow is a powerful finishing technique that deals massive damage to your foes. Mastering this technique is highly recommended as it makes quick work of enemies that are susceptible to it.

Allows you to make quick work of enemies

Fatal Blow is a good technique for defeating enemies quickly and is recommended when fighting foes that would normally take multiple slashes to defeat otherwise. This will help clear mobs much faster and also help players continue on their journey through Hyrule.

How to Activate a Fatal Blow

Knock an enemy on its back

Fatal Blow Prompt
Before you can unleash this technique, certain requirements need to be met. In order to use a Fatal Blow, players must knock the enemy on its back. This is usually done by hitting an enemy with a powerful strike, such as a spin attack, which knocks them away, but doesn't completely kill them.

Next, players need to be locked on to the downed enemy by using ZL.

Use the input or motion whle they are downed

How to Fatal Blow.gif
While the enemy is on their back, players will need to be in the range of the enemy and stay targeted until they can see the Fatal Blow prompt appear at the bottom of the screen. Use the input (or motion) indicated in the table below to initiate the attack.

Be wary, as enemies do not stay knocked down for too long, so the window to use this technique is quite small. Also note that the technique cannot be used on all enemies.

Fatal Blow Inputs

Control Type How to Execute
Button Move the right analogue: Up, down, then up again
Motion Shake both Joy-Cons down

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