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Beedle's Missing Beetle Walkthrough

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Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Beedle
This is a guide to the Side Quest, Beedle's Missing Beetle, in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to start Beedle's Missing Beetle, as well as all quest rewards.

How to Start Beedle's Missing Beetle

Beedle's Missing Beetle Information

Location Bug Rock
Availability After finding Kukiel, talking to Strich on Bug Island, and defeating Bilocyte
Quest Giver Strich
Reward 5 Gratitude Crystals and half-price for one item at Beedle's Shop

After defeating Bilocyte, head to Bug Rock inside the Thunderhead and speak with Strich to start the side quest.
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Beedle's Missing Beetle Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Talk to Strich

Objectives Guide
Talk to Parrow (Optional)
Optional: After defeating Bilocyte, head to Plaza in Skyloft and talk to Parrow. He will mention about Strich and an insect paradise he found inside the Thunderhead.

Talk to Strich
Head to Bug Rock inside the Thunderhead and speak with Strich to start the side quest. You do not need to play the minigame for now.

Talk to Beedle at Night

Talk to Beedle at Night
Enter Beedle's Air Shop and sleep on the bed until night. Head outside and talk to Beedle next to the campfire.

Play Bug Heaven Minigame

Play Bug Heaven
Head back to Bug Rock and talk to Strich. Agree to the challenge and catch all ten bugs within 3 minutes.
Bug Heaven Guide

Complete Bug Heaven in less than 3 minutes

Location Guide
① Sand Cicada Look to your left and you'll see a Sand Cicada near the ledge.
② Woodland Rhino Beetle Go down the ledge and you should see a Woodland Rhino Beetle by the wall.
③ Blessed Butterfly Go down the ledge to get Blessed Butterfly.
④ Faron Grasshopper Go further ahead and get the Faron Grasshopper by the grassy area.
⑤ Eldin Roller Get the Eldin Roller across the scaffolding.
⑥ Faron Grasshopper and Eldin Roller Go through an entrance to get Faron Grasshopper and Eldin Roller by the spiderweb.
⑦ Crawl under the narrow passage Exit the room via the narrow passage on the left of the wall
⑧ Skyloft Mantis Break the vases on the left to get the Skyloft Mantis
⑨ Lanayru Ant Get the Lanayru Ant at the edge of the area
⑩ Gerudo Dragonfly If go you further ahead, you'll be able to see the Gerudo Dragonfly.

Return to Beedle

Return to Beedle
Head back to Beedle's Air Shop and sleep on the bed until night. Talk to him with the insect cage on hand to complete the side quest.

Beedle's Missing Beetle Quest Rewards

5 Gratitude Crystals and Half Price for One Item at Beedle's Shop

Zelda Skyward Sword HD - Beedle
You will receive 5 Gratitude Crystals and a 50% off discount to one item at Beedle's shop as rewards for completing the side quest.

How to Get All Gratitude Crystals

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