List of Weapons | Max Weapon Level

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This is a list of Weapons available in Outriders. Learn what weapons are found in the game, what types of Weapons appear, their stats and bonuses, and how to get each of them below!

Weapon Types

Weapons in Outriders are grouped into weapon types, each having different firing modes, variants, weapon stats, and mechanics.

Weapon Types
Assault Rifles Submachine Guns Light Machineguns
Double Guns Automatic Shotguns Pump Action Shotguns
Rifles Bolt Action Rifles Automatic Sniper Rifles
Pistols Revolvers
Legendary Weapons

Weapon Modification

Outriders Weapons Modification.jpg

Outriders allows customization of weapons for that unique gameplay experience. Weapons may be fitted with Mods to enhance and augment their damage output and additional properties.

You can get Modded Weapons either through Quest Rewards, World Tier Rewards, Item Drops, and Vendors.

Only Rare, Epic, and Legendary Weapons can be fitted with modifications.

List of Weapon Mods

What is the Max Weapon Level?

The highest confirmed weapon level that you can loot from the main game is 42. The level cap of drops increases once you start doing Expeditions especially in higher tiers.

List of Weapons

Assault Rifles

Weapon Variant Rarity
Upgraded Pioneer-1 ImageUpgraded Pioneer-1 Standard Rare
Mahogany Mark IV ImageMahogany Mark IV Demolisher Rare
Mark IV ImageMark IV Standard Common
Rusty Corr-8 RIF ImageRusty Corr-8 RIF Standard Common
Zebra Ranger T ImageZebra Ranger T Standard Rare
Terrestrial Pioneer-2 ImageTerrestrial Pioneer-2 Standard Rare
Camo ECA-B AR ImageCamo ECA-B AR Tactical Epic
Everglade ECA-B SP-AR ImageEverglade ECA-B SP-AR Tactical Epic
Distortion ECA-B SP2-AR ImageDistortion ECA-B SP2-AR Standard Rare
Eventide Corr-09 ULT ImageEventide Corr-09 ULT Sharpshooter Rare
Vagrant-10 ImageVagrant-10 Standard Unusual
ECA-B AR ImageECA-B AR Standard Unusual
Ranger ImageRanger Standard Unusual
Corr-8 RIF ImageCorr-8 RIF Standard Common
Rusty ECA-B AR ImageRusty ECA-B AR Standard Common
Inferno Seed ImageInferno Seed Tactical Legendary
Custom Corr-09 ULT-3 ImageCustom Corr-09 ULT-3 Standard Rare
Commando Corr-8 RIF ImageCommando Corr-8 RIF Standard Rare
Voodoo Matchmaker ImageVoodoo Matchmaker Standard Legendary
Rusty Mark IV ImageRusty Mark IV Standard Common
ECA-B SP-AR "Blue Blood" ImageECA-B SP-AR "Blue Blood" Sharpshooter Epic
The Juggler ImageThe Juggler Standard Legendary
ECA-B SP-AR3 "Rising Tide" ImageECA-B SP-AR3 "Rising Tide" Tactical Epic
Corr-09 ULT-2 "EmperorCorr-09 ULT-2 "Emperor's Will" Standard Epic
Earthborn RenegadeEarthborn Renegade's Assault Rifle Standard Rare
Heir to the Desert ImageHeir to the Desert Tactical Legendary
Corr-09 ULT-2 "Red Widow" ImageCorr-09 ULT-2 "Red Widow" Tactical Epic
Vagrant 12 "Nocturnal Cry" ImageVagrant 12 "Nocturnal Cry" Tactical Epic
ECA-B AR "Sunscorched" ImageECA-B AR "Sunscorched" Standard Epic
Corr-09 ULT "Setting Sun" ImageCorr-09 ULT "Setting Sun" Tactical Epic
Vagrant-11 "Fatal Morgana" ImageVagrant-11 "Fatal Morgana" Sharpshooter Epic
Corr-9 RIF "Lamia" ImageCorr-9 RIF "Lamia" Sharpshooter Epic
ECA-B SP-AR4 "Space Revenant" ImageECA-B SP-AR4 "Space Revenant" Tactical Epic
Master Tool ImageMaster Tool Sharpshooter Legendary
Thunderbird ImageThunderbird Standard Legendary
TannerTanner's Backup Rifle Standard Rare
Time Ripper ImageTime Ripper Standard Legendary
Absolute Zero ImageAbsolute Zero Standard Legendary

List of Assault Rifles

Submachine Guns

Weapon Variant Rarity
Markson C ImageMarkson C Standard Unusual
Rusty Corr-13 ImageRusty Corr-13 Standard Common
Rusty Nomad-2 ImageRusty Nomad-2 Standard Common
Rusty Markson C ImageRusty Markson C Standard Common
Rusty ECA-B SMG ImageRusty ECA-B SMG Standard Common
Tufu S ImageTufu S Standard Unusual
Corr-13 ImageCorr-13 Standard Unusual
Everglade Markson C2 ImageEverglade Markson C2 Standard Rare
Zebra Corr-13/a ImageZebra Corr-13/a Standard Rare
Nomad-2 ImageNomad-2 Standard Unusual
The Migraine ImageThe Migraine Standard Legendary
Mahogany ECA-B SMG-2 ImageMahogany ECA-B SMG-2 Standard Rare
Camo Nomad-2 ImageCamo Nomad-2 Standard Rare
Commando Corr-13/a ImageCommando Corr-13/a Standard Rare
Custom Corr-13/a ImageCustom Corr-13/a Standard Rare
Eventide ECA-B SMG ImageEventide ECA-B SMG Standard Rare
Terrestrial ECA-B SMG-2 ImageTerrestrial ECA-B SMG-2 Tactical Rare
ECA-B SMG ImageECA-B SMG Tactical Unusual
Upgraded ECA-B SMG ImageUpgraded ECA-B SMG Standard Rare
The Wicker ImageThe Wicker Standard Legendary
Distortion Corr-13/a ImageDistortion Corr-13/a Standard Rare
Nomad-2c "Space Revenant" ImageNomad-2c "Space Revenant" Tactical Epic
Nomad-2 "Nocturnal Cry" ImageNomad-2 "Nocturnal Cry" Standard Epic
Markson C "Setting Sun" ImageMarkson C "Setting Sun" Tactical Epic
Earthborn RenegadeEarthborn Renegade's SMG Standard Rare
Markson C "Lamia" ImageMarkson C "Lamia" Standard Epic
Markson C "Blue Blood" ImageMarkson C "Blue Blood" Standard Epic
Markson C2 "Rising Tide" ImageMarkson C2 "Rising Tide" Standard Epic
Nomad-2 "EmperorNomad-2 "Emperor's Will" Standard Epic
The Daimyo ImageThe Daimyo Tactical Legendary
Corr-13 "Fatal Morgana" ImageCorr-13 "Fatal Morgana" Standard Epic
Nomad-2 "Sunscorched" ImageNomad-2 "Sunscorched" Standard Epic
Corr-13/a "Red Widow" ImageCorr-13/a "Red Widow" Tactical Epic
Fatal Symbiont ImageFatal Symbiont Standard Legendary

List of Submachine Guns

Light Machineguns

Weapon Variant Rarity
Rusty K-DOM L/4 ImageRusty K-DOM L/4 Standard Common
Rusty Cleaner ImageRusty Cleaner Standard Common
Cleaner ImageCleaner Standard Unusual
Camo Cleaner ImageCamo Cleaner Standard Rare
Everglade Atlas B ImageEverglade Atlas B Standard Rare
K-DOM L/4 ImageK-DOM L/4 Standard Unusual
Corr-19 LMG ImageCorr-19 LMG Standard Unusual
Atlas ImageAtlas Standard Unusual
Custom Atlas C ImageCustom Atlas C Standard Rare
Markson FF ImageMarkson FF Standard Unusual
Eventide Cleaner ImageEventide Cleaner Standard Rare
Mahogany Cleaner ImageMahogany Cleaner Standard Rare
Commando Cleaner ImageCommando Cleaner Standard Rare
Terrestrial K-DOM LA ImageTerrestrial K-DOM LA Stabilizing Rare
Zebra Corr-19 LMG ImageZebra Corr-19 LMG Standard Rare
Grim Marrow ImageGrim Marrow Stabilizing Legendary
Corr-19 LMG "Sunscorched" ImageCorr-19 LMG "Sunscorched" Stabilizing Epic
Upgraded Markson FF ImageUpgraded Markson FF Standard Rare
Damascus Offering ImageDamascus Offering Standard Legendary
Corr-19 LMG "Rising Tide" ImageCorr-19 LMG "Rising Tide" Standard Epic
Earthborn RenegadeEarthborn Renegade's LMG Standard Rare
Corr-19 LMG "Red Widow" ImageCorr-19 LMG "Red Widow" Suppressing Epic
Corr-19 LMG "Setting Sun" ImageCorr-19 LMG "Setting Sun" Stabilizing Epic
K-DOM L/4 "Space Revenant" ImageK-DOM L/4 "Space Revenant" Stabilizing Epic
K-DOM LA "Fatal Morgana" ImageK-DOM LA "Fatal Morgana" Suppressing Epic
Cleaner "EmperorCleaner "Emperor's Will" Suppressing Epic
K-DOM LA2 "Nocturnal Cry" ImageK-DOM LA2 "Nocturnal Cry" Stabilizing Epic
Roaring Umbra ImageRoaring Umbra Standard Legendary
The Reaper ImageThe Reaper Suppressing Legendary
Distortion Atlas ImageDistortion Atlas Suppressing Rare

List of Light Machineguns

Double Guns

Weapon Variant Rarity
Mahogany K-DOM NC/07 ImageMahogany K-DOM NC/07 Standard Rare
K-DOM NC/07 ImageK-DOM NC/07 Burst Fire Unusual
Eventide K-DOM NC/07 ImageEventide K-DOM NC/07 Standard Rare
LORE 201a ImageLORE 201a Standard Common
ECA-B FLOR ImageECA-B FLOR Standard Unusual
Rusty ECA-B DG/2 Standard Common
ECA-B DG/2 ImageECA-B DG/2 Standard Unusual
RPR-23 ImageRPR-23 Standard Unusual
Amber Vault ImageAmber Vault Standard Legendary
Terrestrial K-DOM NC/10 ImageTerrestrial K-DOM NC/10 Standard Rare
Commando K-DOM NC/09 ImageCommando K-DOM NC/09 Standard Rare
Custom K-DOM ND/01 ImageCustom K-DOM ND/01 Demolisher Rare
Upgraded ECA-B DG/2 ImageUpgraded ECA-B DG/2 Standard Rare
Everglade K-DOM NC/07 ImageEverglade K-DOM NC/07 Standard Rare
Earthborn RenegadeEarthborn Renegade's Double Gun Standard Rare
Imploder ImageImploder Standard Legendary
RPR-23 "Lamia" ImageRPR-23 "Lamia" Burst Fire Epic
RPR-23 "Sunscorched" ImageRPR-23 "Sunscorched" Demolisher Epic
RPR-23 "EmperorRPR-23 "Emperor's Will" Demolisher Epic
ECA-B FLOR "Space Revenant" ImageECA-B FLOR "Space Revenant" Standard Epic
RPR-23 "Setting Sun" ImageRPR-23 "Setting Sun" Demolisher Epic
K-DOM NC/09 "Fatal Morgana" ImageK-DOM NC/09 "Fatal Morgana" Burst Fire Epic
ECA-B DG/5 "Blue Blood" ImageECA-B DG/5 "Blue Blood" Standard Epic
K-DOM NC/07 "Rising Tide" ImageK-DOM NC/07 "Rising Tide" Standard Epic
ECA-B DG/2 "Nocturnal Cry" ImageECA-B DG/2 "Nocturnal Cry" Demolisher Epic
Camo RPR-23 ImageCamo RPR-23 Demolisher Rare
ECA-B FLOR "Red Widow" ImageECA-B FLOR "Red Widow" Demolisher Epic
Distortion ECA-B DG/2 ImageDistortion ECA-B DG/2 Demolisher Rare
Zebra ECA-B DG/2 ImageZebra ECA-B DG/2 Burst Fire Rare
Shelrog's Excrescence Burst Fire Legendary
Lucky Jinx Demolisher Legendary

List of Double Guns

Automatic Shotguns

Weapon Variant Rarity
Rusty MAD IV Slug Common
Rusty Puppy 1 ImageRusty Puppy 1 Slug Common
Mahogany H.L.R. 30e ImageMahogany H.L.R. 30e Slug Rare
Markson OL ImageMarkson OL Narrow Common
H.L.R 30d ImageH.L.R 30d Slug Unusual
Commando Markson OL ImageCommando Markson OL Slug Rare
MAD IV ImageMAD IV Slug Unusual
Everglade MAD IV ImageEverglade MAD IV Standard Rare
The Bulwark ImageThe Bulwark Standard Legendary
Puppy 1 ImagePuppy 1 Slug Unusual
Custom SIREN-ARR ImageCustom SIREN-ARR Slug Rare
Zebra Markson OL ImageZebra Markson OL Slug Rare
Funeral Pyre ImageFuneral Pyre Slug Legendary
Eventide SIREN-ARR ImageEventide SIREN-ARR Slug Rare
H.L.R 30d "Red Widow" ImageH.L.R 30d "Red Widow" Slug Epic
Markson OL "EmperorMarkson OL "Emperor's Will" Slug Epic
Distortion MAD V ImageDistortion MAD V Slug Rare
Earthborn RenegadeEarthborn Renegade's Auto Shotgun Slug Rare
H.L.R. 30d "Setting Sun" ImageH.L.R. 30d "Setting Sun" Slug Epic
Mad V "Lamia" ImageMad V "Lamia" Narrow Epic
H.L.R. 30d "Fatal Morgana" ImageH.L.R. 30d "Fatal Morgana" Narrow Epic
H.L.R. 30a "Setting Sun" ImageH.L.R. 30a "Setting Sun" Narrow Epic
H.L.R. 30d "Nocturnal Cry" ImageH.L.R. 30d "Nocturnal Cry" Narrow Epic
Terrestrial MAD V ImageTerrestrial MAD V Narrow Rare
H.L.R. 30d "Red Widow" ImageH.L.R. 30d "Red Widow" Slug Epic
Markson OL "Space Revenant" ImageMarkson OL "Space Revenant" Narrow Epic
Markson OL "Blue Blood" ImageMarkson OL "Blue Blood" Slug Epic
SIREN-ARR "Sunscorched" ImageSIREN-ARR "Sunscorched" Narrow Epic
Camo Siren-ARR ImageCamo Siren-ARR Narrow Rare
The Anemoi ImageThe Anemoi Narrow Legendary
Deathshield Narrow Legendary

List of Automatic Shotguns

Pump Action Shotguns

Weapon Variant Rarity
Corr-2 PAS ImageCorr-2 PAS Standard Common
Rusty Markson ZALT ImageRusty Markson ZALT Standard Common
Rusty K-DOM AA/6 ImageRusty K-DOM AA/6 Standard Common
Rusty Markson Z-EE ImageRusty Markson Z-EE Standard Common
Rusty Corr-2 PAS ImageRusty Corr-2 PAS Standard Common
Markson ZALT ImageMarkson ZALT Standard Unusual
Piper ImagePiper Standard Common
Markson Z-EE ImageMarkson Z-EE Standard Common
Terrestrial Markson Z-EE ImageTerrestrial Markson Z-EE Standard Rare
Mahogany K-DOM AA/6 ImageMahogany K-DOM AA/6 Standard Epic
K-DOM AA/6 ImageK-DOM AA/6 Standard Common
Upgraded Markson Z-EE ImageUpgraded Markson Z-EE Standard Rare
Distortion Corr-2 PAS ImageDistortion Corr-2 PAS Standard Rare
Commando Markson EX ImageCommando Markson EX Standard Rare
Zebra Piper ImageZebra Piper Standard Rare
Everglade Piper ImageEverglade Piper Standard Rare
GolemGolem's Limb Standard Legendary
Aerie Master ImageAerie Master Breach Legendary
Camo Markson ZALT ImageCamo Markson ZALT Breach Rare
Piper "Blue Blood" ImagePiper "Blue Blood" Standard Epic
Corr-2 PAS II "Sunscorched" ImageCorr-2 PAS II "Sunscorched" Breach Epic
Markson ZAX "Setting Sun" ImageMarkson ZAX "Setting Sun" Standard Epic
Earthborn RenegadeEarthborn Renegade's PAS Standard Rare
Custom Markson Z-EE ImageCustom Markson Z-EE Standard Epic
Markson Z-EE "Red Widow" ImageMarkson Z-EE "Red Widow" Standard Epic
Markson ZALT "Lamia" ImageMarkson ZALT "Lamia" Standard Epic
Markson Z-EE "Nocturnal Cry" ImageMarkson Z-EE "Nocturnal Cry" Breach Epic
Markson Z-EE "EmperorMarkson Z-EE "Emperor's Will" Standard Epic
Piper "Fatal Morgana" ImagePiper "Fatal Morgana" Standard Epic
Markson Z-EE "Space Revenant" ImageMarkson Z-EE "Space Revenant" Breach Epic
Corr-2 PAS II "Rising Tide" ImageCorr-2 PAS II "Rising Tide" Standard Epic
Eventide Corr-2 PAS ImageEventide Corr-2 PAS Standard Rare
Anomaly Effigy ImageAnomaly Effigy Standard Legendary
The High Roller ImageThe High Roller Breach Legendary
The Guillotine ImageThe Guillotine Standard Legendary
EnochEnoch's Blessing Standard Legendary
Darkness Chamber Standard Legendary
Body Snatcher Breach Legendary

List of Pump Action Shotguns


Weapon Variant Rarity
Commando ALX III ImageCommando ALX III Standard Rare
Bull&Eagle 55 ImageBull&Eagle 55 Standard Unusual
MM-1410 ImageMM-1410 Standard Unusual
Rusty MM-1410 ImageRusty MM-1410 Standard Common
Rusty Bull&Eagle 55 ImageRusty Bull&Eagle 55 Standard Common
Eventide Bull&Eagle 59 Standard Rare
RarogRarog's Gaze Standard Legendary
Ghost ImageGhost Standard Unusual
SIREN-E ImageSIREN-E Standard Common
Upgraded Bull&Eagle 59 ImageUpgraded Bull&Eagle 59 Standard Rare
Corr-09 MARK ImageCorr-09 MARK Standard Common
Camo Corr-09 MARK ImageCamo Corr-09 MARK Standard Rare
Mahogany Bull&Eagle 55 ImageMahogany Bull&Eagle 55 Standard Rare
Zebra SIREN-E ImageZebra SIREN-E Standard Rare
Terrestrial Bull&Eagle 59 ImageTerrestrial Bull&Eagle 59 One-Shot Rare
Rusty Corr-09 MARK ImageRusty Corr-09 MARK Standard Common
Distortion MM-4111 ImageDistortion MM-4111 Standard Rare
Corr-09 MARK "Setting Sun" ImageCorr-09 MARK "Setting Sun" Standard Rare
Bull&Eagle 59 "Nocturnal" ImageBull&Eagle 59 "Nocturnal" Standard Epic
Custom Ghost II ImageCustom Ghost II One-Shot Rare
Corr-09 MARK "Sunscorched" ImageCorr-09 MARK "Sunscorched" Standard Epic
Corr-09 MARK "EmperorCorr-09 MARK "Emperor's Will" One-Shot Epic
Earthborn RenegadeEarthborn Renegade's Marksman Rifle Standard Rare
Molten Eidola ImageMolten Eidola One-Shot Legendary
Ghost III "Fatal Morgana" ImageGhost III "Fatal Morgana" Standard Epic
Ghost II "Blue Blood" ImageGhost II "Blue Blood" Standard Epic
Bull&Eagle 60 "Red Widow" ImageBull&Eagle 60 "Red Widow" One-Shot Epic
MM-4111 "Lamia" ImageMM-4111 "Lamia" One-Shot Epic
Bull&Eagle 59 "Space Revenant" ImageBull&Eagle 59 "Space Revenant" Standard Epic
Everglade Bull&Eagle 59 ImageEverglade Bull&Eagle 59 One-Shot Rare
Bull&Eagle 59 "Rising Tide" ImageBull&Eagle 59 "Rising Tide" One-Shot Epic
Blightbearer ImageBlightbearer Standard Legendary
Twisted Mercy ImageTwisted Mercy Standard Legendary

List of Rifles

Bolt Action Rifles

Weapon Variant Rarity
Rusty Bull&Eagle 73 ImageRusty Bull&Eagle 73 Standard Common
FRSR LD-1 ImageFRSR LD-1 Lightweight Unusual
Distortion Bull&Eagle 75 ImageDistortion Bull&Eagle 75 Standard Rare
Terrestrial ECA-B SNP-3 ImageTerrestrial ECA-B SNP-3 Standard Rare
Bull&Eagle 200 ImageBull&Eagle 200 Standard Unusual
ECA-B SNP ImageECA-B SNP Standard Common
Bull&Eagle 73 ImageBull&Eagle 73 Standard Unusual
Upgraded FRSR LD-1 ImageUpgraded FRSR LD-1 Standard Rare
LENS-a ImageLENS-a Standard Unusual
Eventide Bull&Eagle 75 ImageEventide Bull&Eagle 75 Standard Rare
The Iceberg ImageThe Iceberg Standard Legendary
Mahogany FRSR LD-1 ImageMahogany FRSR LD-1 Lightweight Rare
Camo ECA-B SNP ImageCamo ECA-B SNP Standard Rare
Custom Bull&Eagle 79 ImageCustom Bull&Eagle 79 Standard Rare
Everglade ECA-B SNP-2 ImageEverglade ECA-B SNP-2 Standard Rare
Commando FRSR LD-1 ImageCommando FRSR LD-1 Standard Rare
Zebra Bull&Eagle 200 ImageZebra Bull&Eagle 200 Standard Rare
Bull&Eagle 200 "Setting Sun" ImageBull&Eagle 200 "Setting Sun" Lightweight Epic
Spirit Hunter ImageSpirit Hunter Lightweight Legendary
The Headhunter ImageThe Headhunter Standard Legendary
The Landlubber ImageThe Landlubber Lightweight Legendary
Bull&Eagle 200 "Emperor's Will" Auto Epic
FRSR LD-1 "Blue Blood" ImageFRSR LD-1 "Blue Blood" Lightweight Epic
Bull&Eagle 78 "Sunscorched" ImageBull&Eagle 78 "Sunscorched" Lightweight Epic
Earthborn RenegadeEarthborn Renegade's BAR Standard Rare
Bull&Eagle 200 "Lamia" ImageBull&Eagle 200 "Lamia" Standard Epic
Bull&Eagle 200 "Space Revenant" ImageBull&Eagle 200 "Space Revenant" Standard Epic
Bull&Eagle 200 "Noctural Cry" ImageBull&Eagle 200 "Noctural Cry" Lightweight Epic
Bull&Eagle 77 "Rising Tide" ImageBull&Eagle 77 "Rising Tide" Lightweight Epic
FRSR LD-1 "Red Widow" ImageFRSR LD-1 "Red Widow" Lightweight Epic
ECA-B SNP-4 "Fatal Morgana" ImageECA-B SNP-4 "Fatal Morgana" Lightweight Epic

List of Bolt Action Rifles

Automatic Sniper Rifles

Weapon Variant Rarity
ECA-B ASR ImageECA-B ASR Full Auto Unusual
Rusty ECA-B ASR ImageRusty ECA-B ASR Standard Common
Distortion NDL III ImageDistortion NDL III Standard Rare
SOL/3000/e ImageSOL/3000/e Standard Unusual
Zebra Hunter V-90 ImageZebra Hunter V-90 Standard Rare
Camo ECA-B ASR ImageCamo ECA-B ASR Standard Rare
Bull&Eagle 101 ImageBull&Eagle 101 Standard Common
Hunter V-90 ImageHunter V-90 Standard Common
NDL II ImageNDL II Standard Common
Terrestrial NDL III ImageTerrestrial NDL III Standard Rare
Eventide SOL/300/e ImageEventide SOL/300/e Standard Rare
Commando Hunter V-90 ImageCommando Hunter V-90 Standard Rare
Upgraded SOL/310/b ImageUpgraded SOL/310/b Standard Rare
Everglade Hunter V-90 ImageEverglade Hunter V-90 Full Auto Rare
NDL IV "Red Widow" Standard Epic
Earthborn RenegadeEarthborn Renegade's ASR Standard Rare
Icarus ImageIcarus Full Auto Legendary
Hunter V-90 "EmperorHunter V-90 "Emperor's Will" Standard Epic
Hunter V-90 "Fatal Morgana" ImageHunter V-90 "Fatal Morgana" Standard Epic
Mahogany Bull&Eagle 101 ImageMahogany Bull&Eagle 101 Standard Rare
NDL II "Space Revenant" ImageNDL II "Space Revenant" Standard Epic
Custom Bull&Eagle 101 ImageCustom Bull&Eagle 101 Full Auto Rare
SOL/300/e "Nocturnal Cry" ImageSOL/300/e "Nocturnal Cry" Standard Epic
ECA-B ASR "Setting Sun" ImageECA-B ASR "Setting Sun" Full Auto Epic
NDL IV "Sunscorched" ImageNDL IV "Sunscorched" Full Auto Epic
ECA-B ASR "Rising Tide" ImageECA-B ASR "Rising Tide" Full Auto Epic
Mindmugger ImageMindmugger Standard Legendary
Bull&Eagle 101 "Lamia" ImageBull&Eagle 101 "Lamia" Standard Epic

List of Automatic Sniper Rifles


Weapon Variant Rarity
Rusty OTR-76 P ImageRusty OTR-76 P Standard Common
Camo RAD 69 ImageCamo RAD 69 Standard Rare
OTR-76 P ImageOTR-76 P Standard Unusual
RAD 69 ImageRAD 69 Standard Unusual
Bernadetta ImageBernadetta Standard Common
Upgraded RAD 69 ImageUpgraded RAD 69 Standard Rare
K-DOM H1 ImageK-DOM H1 Standard Unusual
Rusty K-DOM H1 Standard Common
Commando OTR-76 P ImageCommando OTR-76 P Standard Rare
Zebra K-DOM H1 ImageZebra K-DOM H1 Standard Rare
Mahogany Bernadetta ImageMahogany Bernadetta Standard Rare
Terrestrial RAD 69 ImageTerrestrial RAD 69 Standard Rare
Everglade K-DOM H1 ImageEverglade K-DOM H1 Standard Rare
Torment and Agony ImageTorment and Agony Full Auto Legendary
Bolt and Thunder ImageBolt and Thunder Standard Legendary
Custom OTR-76 P ImageCustom OTR-76 P Standard Rare
OTR-76 P "Fatal Morgana" ImageOTR-76 P "Fatal Morgana" Fire Epic
Earthborn RenegadeEarthborn Renegade's Pistols Standard Rare
OTR-76 P "Space Revenant" ImageOTR-76 P "Space Revenant" Standard Epic
OTR-76 P "Nocturnal Cry" ImageOTR-76 P "Nocturnal Cry" High Caliber Epic
OTR-76 P "Lamia" ImageOTR-76 P "Lamia" Full Auto Epic
K-DOM H1 "Setting Sun" ImageK-DOM H1 "Setting Sun" Full Auto Epic
OTR-76 P "Rising Tide" ImageOTR-76 P "Rising Tide" Full Auto Epic
K-DOM H1 "EmperorK-DOM H1 "Emperor's Will" Full Auto Epic
OTR-76 P "Sunscorched" ImageOTR-76 P "Sunscorched" High Caliber Epic
Eventide OTR-76 P ImageEventide OTR-76 P High Caliber Rare
K-DOM H1 "Blue Blood" ImageK-DOM H1 "Blue Blood" Burst Fire Epic
Distortion OTR-76 P ImageDistortion OTR-76 P Standard Rare

List of Pistols


Weapon Variant Rarity
Rusty Sasha ImageRusty Sasha Standard Common
Eventide Space Cowboy ImageEventide Space Cowboy Standard Rare
Mahogany K-DOM R4 ImageMahogany K-DOM R4 Stanard Rare
Zebra Space Cowboy ImageZebra Space Cowboy Standard Rare
Upgraded Space Cowboy ImageUpgraded Space Cowboy Standard Rare
Camo Space Cowboy ImageCamo Space Cowboy Standard Rare
Distortion Space Cowboy ImageDistortion Space Cowboy Standard Rare
Space Cowboy ImageSpace Cowboy Standard Common
Sasha ImageSasha Standard Common
K-DOM R3 ImageK-DOM R3 Standard Common
Terrestrial Sasha ImageTerrestrial Sasha Standard Rare
Everglade K-DOM R3 ImageEverglade K-DOM R3 Standard Rare
Space Cowboy "Setting Sun" ImageSpace Cowboy "Setting Sun" Standard Epic
Earthborn RenegadeEarthborn Renegade's Revolver Standard Rare
Sasha "Lamia" ImageSasha "Lamia" Standard Epic
Sasha "Sunscorched" ImageSasha "Sunscorched" Standard Epic
K-DOM R3 "Blue Blood" ImageK-DOM R3 "Blue Blood" Standard Epic
K-DOM R3 "EmperorK-DOM R3 "Emperor's Will" Standard Epic
K-DOM R3 "Space Revenant" ImageK-DOM R3 "Space Revenant" Standard Epic
Sasha "Red Widow" ImageSasha "Red Widow" Standard Epic
Commando Sasha ImageCommando Sasha Standard Rare
Sasha "Nocturnal Cry" ImageSasha "Nocturnal Cry" Standard Epic
Disintegrator ImageDisintegrator Standard Legendary
Lucky ImageLucky Standard Legendary

List of Revolvers

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