Best Vanquisher Build for Devastator

Outriders Vanquisher Build

This is a guide to building the Vanquisher, a Devastator Build in the game Outriders. To learn about the weapon, gear, and mods for the Vanquisher Build, read on.

Vanquisher Description

Vanquisher Build

This Vanquisher build specializes on maximizing your damage input, as well as increasing your chosen weapon's damage. Recommended for those looking for pure offensive builds.

Best Vanquisher Skill Set

Skill Description
Gravity LeapGravity Leap Leap into the air and strike your targets from above, dealing damage and Interrupting enemies within a small radius of the area you land in.
BoulderdashBoulderdash Charge forward to Interrupt all enemies in your path and deal damage. At the end of the charge, you will smash the ground and deal additional damage to all enemies within a small radius around you.
Endless MassEndless Mass Select a target to encase in stone, inflicting Bleed and pulling enemies within a small radius towards the initial target. The stone will then explode, dealing damage to all enemies within a small radius around the target.

Gravity Leap lets you close in the distance between you and the enemy and deal massive AoE damage. With the right mods to buff this skill, you can kill a sniper enemy in a single strike and even fully restore your Health.

Boulderdash is a similar skill but deals two attacks for the price of one skill. This is the skill to use to kill enemies that swarm you such as the Cutthroats or the Perforos.

Endless Mass lets you gather nearby enemies in one place and inflict Bleed damage. You can then use Gravity Leap or Boulderdash to finish them off.

Best Vanquisher Class Tree Build

Node Effect
Havoc ImageHavoc Increase your Weapon Damage by 8%.
Armorbreaker ImageArmorbreaker Increase your Armor Piercing by 15%.
Brawler ImageBrawler Increase your Close Range Weapon Damage by 15%.
Assault Adept ImageAssault Adept Increase your assault weapon damage by 12%.
Havoc ImageHavoc Increase your Weapon Damage by 8%.
Heirloom Armor ImageHeirloom Armor When an enemy dies in your Close Range, 20% of their Armor will be transferred to you for 10 seconds.
BullBull's Eye Increase your Critical Damage by 20%.
Havoc ImageHavoc Increase your Weapon Damage by 8%.
Assault Master ImageAssault Master Increase your assault weapon damage by 7% for each unlocked Concentration class node.
Increase assault weapon drop chance by 12%.
Assault weapons: Assault Rifle, Light Machinegun, Submachine Gun, and Double Gun.
Perpetual Motion ImagePerpetual Motion Reduce KINETIC skills cooldown by 15%.
Havoc ImageHavoc Increase your Weapon Damage by 8%.
Dry Them Out ImageDry Them Out Increase your Weapon Leech by 5%.
Bounty Hunter ImageBounty Hunter Increase your damage against Elites by 15%.
Elites deal 15% less damage to you.
Ammo Stockpile ImageAmmo Stockpile Increase your magazine size by 50%.
Steady Hands ImageSteady Hands Decrease weapon recoil by 30%.
Brawler ImageBrawler Increase your Close Range Weapon Damage by 15%.
Bulletstorm ImageBulletstorm Decrease reload time by 20%.
Confrontation ImageConfrontation Enemies who damage you will have their physical damage reduced by 10% for 5 seconds. The effect is doubled if you damage that enemy as well.
Armorbreaker ImageArmorbreaker Increase your Armor Piercing by 15%.
Altered Charge ImageAltered Charge When KINETIC skills end, increase your Weapon Damage by 70% for 10 seconds.

The class nodes in the Vanquisher build focuses on increasing your Weapon Damage and Cooldown of Kinetic Skills to maximize your damage output.

For this build, the Assault Master class node is used as Assault weapons can be used for general battles. For close range, you can use skills to stun enemies and then mow down with your weapon of choice.

Unlike the Warden build, the Vanquisher doesn't have regenerating health. To ensure survivability, unlock Profit Squared to allow you to heal your Health for every ammo pick-up.

Be sure to unlock the Bounty Hunter class node as this makes Elite-type enemies easier to deal with.

Best Weapons for Vanquisher

Weapon Attributes
✔️ Bonus Firepower
✔️ Close Range Damage
✔️ Weapon Life Leech

Weapons with the three attributes listed are best equipped for the Vanquisher build.

List of Weapons

Weapon Type Variant
Grim Marrow ImageGrim Marrow Light Machinegun Stabilizing
Roaring Umbra ImageRoaring Umbra Light Machinegun Standard
Anomaly Effigy ImageAnomaly Effigy Pump Action Shotgun Standard
The Reaper ImageThe Reaper Light Machinegun Suppressing
Deathshield Automatic Shotgun Narrow
GolemGolem's Limb Pump Action Shotgun Standard
Corr-2 PAS II "Rising Tide" ImageCorr-2 PAS II "Rising Tide" Pump Action Shotgun Standard
Custom Markson Z-EE ImageCustom Markson Z-EE Pump Action Shotgun Standard
Mahogany K-DOM AA/6 ImageMahogany K-DOM AA/6 Pump Action Shotgun Standard
Camo ECA-B AR ImageCamo ECA-B AR Assault Rifle Tactical
Piper "Fatal Morgana" ImagePiper "Fatal Morgana" Pump Action Shotgun Standard

Best Armor for Vanquisher

Armor Attributes
✔️ Healing Received
✔️ Bonus Firepower
✔️ Cooldown Reduction

Armor with the three attributes listed are best equipped for the Vanquisher build.

Deathproof Set Pieces

Deathproof Set
Currently UnavailableDeathproof Mask Deathproof Chest ArmorDeathproof Chest Armor
Currently UnavailableDeathproof Leg Armor Currently UnavailableDeathproof Gauntlets Currently UnavailableDeathproof Footgear

Best Mods for Vanquisher

LIfe AbsorptionLIfe Absorption Primal ChainPrimal Chain CritstackCritstack
Bloody BoostBloody Boost Blood PotionBlood Potion Primal RagePrimal Rage
Primal Knuckle DusterPrimal Knuckle Duster Shattered ArmorShattered Armor Bleed Them AllBleed Them All

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