Pre-Order Guide and All Pre-Order Bonuses | Hell's Rangers Content Pack

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This is a pre-order guide and bonuses for Outriders. Learn how to pre-order the full game, contents and pre-order bonuses, the Hell's Rangers Contents Pack, and more below!

How to Pre-Order Outriders

Outriders Official Site

You can simply head on over to the Outriders Official Website to purchase the game on any platform.
Click on the Pre-Order button at the top, along the game's logo
Select your location, the platform where you'll buy the game, version of the game you want, and your preferred retailer before you click Pre-Order.
Depending on your prefered retailer, you will be directed to another page where you should confirm your purchase and complete the process.


Simply head on over to the Playstation Store and prepare your chosen mode of payment.
Use the search feature to look for Outriders then select the game.
Click the Pre-Order button and confirm your purchase afterward.

Outriders Pre-Order Bonuses

Hell's Rangers Content Pack

Outriders Hell

Pre-order Outriders now and you will receive the Hell's Rangers Content Pack along with your copy of the game! This content pack includes:

  • The Hell’s Rangers Male and Female Gear Sets
  • The Hell’s Rangers Arsenal of 11 unique Guns
  • The Hell’s Rangers Truck Mods and Decals

You'll find these items in your Stash once you reach Rift Town in Reunion.

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