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This is a list of Revolvers available in Outriders. Learn what Revolvers are found in the game, what variants of Revolvers appear, their stats and bonuses, and how to get each of them below!

List of Revolvers

Weapon Variant Rarity
Camo Space Cowboy ImageCamo Space Cowboy Standard Rare
Commando Sasha ImageCommando Sasha Standard Rare
Disintegrator ImageDisintegrator Standard Legendary
Distortion Space Cowboy ImageDistortion Space Cowboy Standard Rare
Earthborn RenegadeEarthborn Renegade's Revolver Standard Rare
Eventide Space Cowboy ImageEventide Space Cowboy Standard Rare
Everglade K-DOM R3 ImageEverglade K-DOM R3 Standard Rare
K-DOM R3 ImageK-DOM R3 Standard Common
K-DOM R3 "Blue Blood" ImageK-DOM R3 "Blue Blood" Standard Epic
K-DOM R3 "EmperorK-DOM R3 "Emperor's Will" Standard Epic
K-DOM R3 "Space Revenant" ImageK-DOM R3 "Space Revenant" Standard Epic
Lucky ImageLucky Standard Legendary
Mahogany K-DOM R4 ImageMahogany K-DOM R4 Stanard Rare
Rusty Sasha ImageRusty Sasha Standard Common
Sasha ImageSasha Standard Common
Sasha "Lamia" ImageSasha "Lamia" Standard Epic
Sasha "Nocturnal Cry" ImageSasha "Nocturnal Cry" Standard Epic
Sasha "Red Widow" ImageSasha "Red Widow" Standard Epic
Sasha "Sunscorched" ImageSasha "Sunscorched" Standard Epic
Space Cowboy ImageSpace Cowboy Standard Common
Space Cowboy "Setting Sun" ImageSpace Cowboy "Setting Sun" Standard Epic
Terrestrial Sasha ImageTerrestrial Sasha Standard Rare
Upgraded Space Cowboy ImageUpgraded Space Cowboy Standard Rare
Zebra Space Cowboy ImageZebra Space Cowboy Standard Rare

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List of Weapons

Weapon Types
Assault Rifles Submachine Guns Light Machineguns
Double Guns Automatic Shotguns Pump Action Shotguns
Rifles Bolt Action Rifles Automatic Sniper Rifles
Pistols Revolvers
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