All Elites and Bosses | Boss Battle Guides

Outriders - All Elites and Bosses | Boss Battle Guides

A guide to all the Elites and Bosses in the Main and Side Quests of the game Outriders. Learn what battles each boss can be found in, as well as tips and recommendations on how to beat them.

List of Bosses

Rift Town
Reunion Gauss
First City
Dedication Juggernaut Captain
Salvation Captain Serrano
Eagle Peaks
Inferno Molten Acari
Frequency Frequency Triad
Wreckage Zone
Mentor Brood Mother
No Man's Land (Trench Town)
Onslaught Moloch
Expedition Behemoth
Forest Enclave
Mayhem Chrysaloid
Asylum Scarskin
The Stronghold
Judgment Kang's Enforcer
Ancient Ruins
Relics Altered Bailey
The Gate
Retaliation Kang's Huntmaster
Frontier Mosscloak Behemoth
Beyond Wasteland Behemoth
Bonds Yagak
Desolate Fort
Echoes Skirmisher Warlord
Pax City
Babylon Shaman Warlord
The Caravel
Humanity Yagak

Prologue Elite/Boss


Outriders - Cremator Boss Guide

An armored Insurgent equipped with a flamethrower for ranged attacks.

How to Beat Cremator

Rift Town Elites/Boss

Main Quest


Outriders - Gauss Boss Guide

An Insurgent Altered gifted with the power to manipulate electromagnetic energy, Gauss has taken residence in the Solar Tower near Rift Town, blocking a crucial supply line that supports Rift Town.

How to Beat Gauss

Side Quest


Outriders - Reiner Boss Guide

A sadistic, cruel officer leading Insurgent forces opposite Rift Town.

How to Beat Reiner

First City Elites/Boss

Main Quest


Outriders - Juggernaut Captain Boss Guide

The Juggernaut Captain is technically an Elite, but is the strongest enemy in Dedication which is why we will regard it as the Boss in that quest.

How to Beat Juggernaut Captain


Outriders - Captain Serrano Boss Guide

Captain Serrano is technically an Elite, but is the strongest enemy in Salvation which is why we will regard it as the Boss in that quest.

How to Beat Captain Serrano

Eagle Peaks Elites/Boss

Main Quest


Outriders - Molten Acari Boss Guide
An enormous arachnid, the Molten Acari has made its home deep inside the volcano in Eagle Peaks, and has likely been the progenitor for most of the smaller arachnids found in the region.

How to Beat Molten Acari


Outriders - Frequency Triad
These three Elites are the last enemies standing between you and the Radio Tower on Eagle Peaks.
How to Beat Frequency Triad

Wreckage Zone Elites/Boss

Main Quest


Outriders - Mentor Boss - Brood Mother
The Brood Mother is a prime specimen among all Perforo, stronger than even the Alpha. She is powerfully attuned to the Anomaly's energy, owing to the matured gland found in her overgrown torso.

How to Beat Brood Mother

No Man's Land (Trench Town) Elites/Boss

Main Quest


Outriders - Onslaught Boss - Moloch

Moloch appears to carry a shriveled man on his back, crucified to a cross-like harness, but still somehow alive. He's the Altered Seth warned you about.

How to Beat Moloch

Quarry Elites/Boss

Main Quest


Outriders - Expedition Behemoth Boss Guide
The Behemoth is the matured, larger, more powerful form of the Mauler, distinguishable for having grown prominent horns that it uses to balance itself as though they were a tail.

How to Beat Behemoth

Forest Enclave Elites/Boss

Main Quest


Outriders - Mayhem Boss - Chrysaloid
A giant of the Forest that shakes the ground with its every movement. Among Enoch's largest witnessed creatures.
How to Beat Chrysaloid


Outriders - Asylum Boss - Scarskin

Scarskin is the Brood Mother that resides in the Forest. Her children will come to her aid in times of danger.

How to Beat Scarskin

The Stronghold Elites/Boss

Main Quest


Outriders - Judgment Kangs Enforcer Boss Guide
The Enforcer is a high ranking Captain, among the priviliged few to have been promoted to Kang's personal entourage, responsible for guarding their leader from all harm.
How to Beat Kang's Enforcer

Ancient Ruins Elites/Boss

Main Quest


Outriders - Relics Altered Bailey Boss Guide
Over time Bailey's bitterness grew, over your Altered abilites, over her perception you were leading her to her death.
How to Beat Altered Bailey

The Gate Elites/Boss

Main Quest


Outriders - Retaliation Kang
A Captain under Kang's command, this Huntmaster spearheaded the incursion that sought to recover the Drop Pod that fell near the Ancient Ruins.

How to Beat Kang's Huntmaster


Outriders - Frontier Mosscloak Behemoth Boss Guide

These two Mosscloak Behemoths are the final bosses of the Forest. They're the only things standing between you and what's behind The Gate.

How to Beat Mosscloak Behemoth

Dunes Elites/Boss

Main Quest


Outriders - Beyond Wasteland Behemoth Boss Guide

" No matter where I go, your kind get uglier and uglier." Like the Mosscloak Behemoth, the Wasteland Behemoth is another variant that has acclimated itself to the Desert.

How to Beat Wasteland Behemoth

Outriders - Beyond Warlord Boss Guide

These Ferals have asserted dominance over their tribes with their superior skill in manipulating Anomaly energy, using it both offensively and defensively.

How to Beat Warlord

Utargak Elites/Boss

Outriders - Bonds Yagak Boss Guide

A towering creature that appears to lead the Ferals. The Ferals do not seem to be entirely mindless beasts and their Warlord stands the most cunning among them, evident by the trap he laid for you and your crew.

How to Beat Yagak

Desolate Fort Elites/Boss

Outriders - Echoes Skirmisher Warlord Boss Guide
These Ferals have asserted dominance over their tribes with their superior skill in manipulating Anomaly energy, using it both offensively and defensively.
How to Beat Skirmisher Warlord

Pax City Elites/Boss

Outriders - Babylon - Shaman Warlord Boss Guide
While not the strongest of Ferals in brute strength, the Shaman Warlord is the most capable at manipulating the Anomaly's power to deadly effect.
How to Beat Shaman Warlord

The Caravel Elites/Boss

Outriders - Humanity - Yagak - Final Boss Guide
The Grand Warlord of the Ferals, Yagak, and his army attack the Caravel as Zahedi tries to contact the Flores' pods. You still have a score to settle with Yagak for killing Jakub.
How to Beat Yagak (Final Boss)

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