Mayhem Quest Walkthrough | How to Beat the Chrysaloid

Outriders - Mayhem Quest Walkthrough | How to Beat the Chrysaloid

This is a walkthrough for Mayhem, a Main Quest in Outriders. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, available rewards, chest locations, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Expedition Mayhem Asylum

Mayhem Basic Information

Quest Type
Recommended Level 16
Rewards -
Repeat Rewards -
A giant creature intercepted your truck, breaking open the seal and exposing everyone inside the fungus.
But you can't think about that now. The creature is bearing down on you.

How to Unlock Mayhem

Complete Onslaught.

Mayhem Quest Walkthrough

Kill the Chrysaloid

Main Quest IconEnter the Chrysaloid's Lair.→Defeat the Chrysaloid.
Head to the Lair and fight the Chrysaloid. Check out our Boss Guide below on how to defeat it
Main Quest IconReturn to the truck.
After defeating the Chrysaloid, collect the loot and return to the truck to finish the quest.

Boss Strategy: Chrysaloid

How to Beat the Chrysaloid

Outriders - Chrysaloid

Similar to the Acari, the Chrysaloid's Lair is an open area with no cover spots, leaving you little room to hide or take cover. Maintain moderate distance from it and position yourself on a corner.

The boss fight is divided into two stages, each having a different attack pattern and obstacles to deal with.

How to Beat Chrysaloid

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