How to Beat Yagak (Final Boss) | Boss Fight Strategy Guide

Outriders - How to Beat Yagak (Final Boss) | Boss Fight Strategy Guide
This is a guide to beating Yagak in Humanity in the game Outriders. This article provides information on Yagak, as well as tested strategies for beating them.

Yagak Information

Basic Information

Outriders Humanity - Yagak - Final Boss Guide

The Grand Warlord of the Ferals,Yagak, and his army attack the Caravel as Zahedi tries to contact the Flores' pods. You still have a score to settle with Yagak for killing Jakub.

Battle Strategies for Defeating Yagak

Phase 1 Strategy

Yagak will utilize Anomaly-based attacks instead of a head-on melee fight.

Move Around the Open Spaces

As you can see, you don't have anything that can be used for cover. Yagak will be floating around the field the entire time, spamming Anomaly Rifts indefinitely.

Move around as much as possible!

Prioritize Taking Down Anomaly Rifts

Yagak summons two Anomaly Rifts at a time and can spam this Skill as much as he wants. You don't want to be put in a situation where you have to deal with 5 or more of these things.

Deal with them as soon as they pop up.

Dodge at the Last Moment of Overload

Whenever Yagak initiates this skill, don't bother shooting at him. Instead focus on the Anomaly Rifts while paying close attention to Yagak's skill bar. Dodge only at the last moment.

Dodge Grasping Shock

Another Anomaly attack you're already familiar with. This attack is easily avoidable, but pay close attention to your surroundings so you don't get hit by Anomaly Rifts when you dodge or roll.

Establish Distance During Ground Blast

Yagak slams an AoE attack whenever you get too close. Make sure to alway set some distance so he never has to use this attack on you.

Dodge Sand Wyrm

Yagak controls a Sand Wyrm that he occassionally uses to slam hard on the arena. Another easily avoidable attack, make sure you dodge in an area the attack doesn't cover.

Interrupt Chain Lightning

It's unevadable, it's unavoidable: the ultimate attack. Chain Lightning is capable of killing you instantly if your HP is less than 80%. A perfectly-timed Interrupt can help you survive this attack.

Phase 2 Strategy

The second arena is a lot smaller than the first, virtually turning this into a deathmatch. In this phase, Yagak will now sport two chain-hooks to deal melee damage. You will want to watch and learn the pattern he uses to dodge effectively.

The key to this battle is a lot of patience and carefully-timed dodges and interrupts.

Take Down Anomaly Rifts ASAP

If you can't interrupt their summoning, you have to deal with them immediately before Yagak summons more.

Memorize and Dodge Hook Chain Patterns

Yagak will swing his hooks around himself three times, then attack with the fourth swing. You have to dodge at the third swing after he locks on to your position.

Hook Chain is sometimes followed by a cross-patterned attack, which leaves Yagak open to gunfire if you dodge it correctly.

Kill Berserkers As Soon As They Spawn

When you see Yagak put up a shield barrier, look at your map immediately. You only have a few seconds to catch your breath because Berserkers will now spawn.

It is imperative that you deal with the Berserkers before Yagak puts down his barrier and activates Anomaly Rift or Chain Lightning

Dodge the Burn Hook Attack

Yagak will spin his hooks over a wide AoE. Make sure to dodge backwards then sidewards to dodge the succeeding attack that leaves a Burn AoE.

Dodge to the Opposite Side of Sand Wyrm

Yagak still controls the Sand Wyrm causing the sandstorm. If you manage to roll to the opposite side of the arena when the Sand Wyrm slams the ground, you just bought yourself a few seconds of breathing time.

Interrupt Chain Lightning

It's unevadable, it's unavoidable: the ultimate attack. Chain Lightning is capable of killing you instantly if your HP is less than 80%. A perfectly-timed Interrupt can help you survive this attack.

Tips for Defeating Yagak


Yagak will utilize Anomaly-based attacks in Phase 1 of battle. In Phase 2, Yagak will engage you in a head-on melee fight.

Yagak is a lot stronger now than when you faced in him in Utargak. This fight consists of two phases. If you die on the second phase, you have to redo it all over again.

Damage Scaling

The damage you can inflict in this fight is scaled to fit the World Tier you set. This applies to World Tiers 2-15. Do not be surprised to see your damage output get lowered if you play at a lower Tier.

Essential Shards

If you have gear with these Shards, we recommend to max all of them out before facing Yagak.

Bonus FirepowerShards Icon Increases weapon damage
Status PowerShards Icon Increases damage of Burn, Toxic, and Bleed. Increase duration of Ash, Weakness, Vulnerable
Weapon Life LeechShards Icon Percentage of Health regained by dealing weapon damage
Max HealthShards Icon Additional Health points
Cooldown ReductionShards Icon Reduces the Cooldown of your Skills

Recommended Mod Sets

This fight, much like the fight with the Shaman Warlord, is not a sprint, but a very meticulous marathon. These Mod-sets were selected to deal passive damage on Yagak over time as you take out Anomaly Rifts and Berserkers.

Anomaly Rounds Set

Additional MagAdditional Mag Strong TwistStrong Twist Blue BloodBlue Blood
Extra MagExtra Mag Lava ShotsLava Shots Reload BoostReload Boost
No Pain  No GainNo Pain, No Gain Spare MagSpare Mag Critical AnalysisCritical Analysis

Toxic Set

Improved Toxic BulletsImproved Toxic Bullets Radical TherapyRadical Therapy Toxic PiercerToxic Piercer

Burn Set

Bullet KindlingBullet Kindling Improved Burning BulletsImproved Burning Bullets Dying FirebreathDying Firebreath
Twice as HotTwice as Hot

Bleed Set

Bloody BoostBloody Boost Improved Bleeding BulletsImproved Bleeding Bullets Blood PotionBlood Potion

Freeze Set

Ice TrapIce Trap Improved Freezing BulletsImproved Freezing Bullets Freezing BoostFreezing Boost

Survival Set

Shield BlastShield Blast Reload ShieldReload Shield Emergency StanceEmergency Stance
Perseverance MunitionsPerseverance Munitions Perseverance ShieldPerseverance Shield AdrenalineAdrenaline

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