How to Fix Stuck on Signed In Issue

Outriders - How to Fix Stuck on Signed In Issue

This is a guide on what to do if you are stuck on the Signed In screen in Outriders. Read on to find out the solution to this issue, as well as fixes for other client and server-related issues.

How to Fix Stuck on Signed In Issue

Wait for 10 Minutes

Outriders - Signed In Screen

According to some players, they are eventually able to get through the Signed In screen by waiting for at least 10 minutes. It sounds like a long wait, but it's worth a try if this is your first time getting stuck at launch.

Reconnect to the Internet

Outriders - Reconnect to the Internet (Name Redacted)

If waiting didn't help, try reconnecting to the internet. We have personally experienced this issue and restarting our internet connection has been the most reliable solution to this issue.

Relaunch the Game

Outriders - Restart the Game (Name Redacted)

If you still can't get past the Signed In loop, another solution would be to close Outriders and relaunch it. Try reconnecting to the internet first before you relaunch the game for better chances at getting into the game.

Perform a Full Cache Clear

Outriders - Reboot System (Name Redacted)

The developers have also shared that performing a full cache clear may help you with this issue. On consoles, simply power cycle your console and clear your cache by turning your console off. Then, most importantly, unplug it for a few minutes.

How to Fix Stuck on Loading Issue

Select a Starting Point Before You Continue

Outriders - Stuck at 80

Some players have experienced an issue where they find themselves stuck on loading when joining a game. A potential workaround for this is to select a starting point from the lobby before entering a game.

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How to Fix Could Not Connect to Outriders Servers Issue?

Check Server Status at the Official Website

Outriders - Can

Since Outriders is an online game, it relies on its servers in order to run. Sometimes, servers will be down and there's not much you can do but wait until they fix the issue. If you want to check the server's status, visit the official server status page at the Outriders official website.

Outriders Status Page

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