Unknown Presence Quest Walkthrough and Chest Locations

Outriders - Unknown Presence Quest Walkthrough and Chest Locations
This is a walkthrough for Unknown Presence, a Side Quest in Outriders. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, available rewards, chest locations, as well as tips for completion!

Unknown Presence Basic Information

Quest Type
Recommended Level 21
Rewards 1x Selectable Epic Gear
500 EXP
Repeat Rewards 1x Loot Drop
You encountered an enigmatic figure in the forest. He was alone, seemingly undisturbed by the surrouding dangers. He asked you to clear the way to what he called "the monolith of the old ones", claiming it would help him better understand this world. Since he offered compensation, you may as well entertain his request.

How to Unlock Unknown Presence

After clearing the Retaliation main quest, head north from the Camp at The Gate and talk to Wanderer to start the side quest.

Unknown Presence Quest Walkthrough

The Gate

Side Quest Icon.pngFind the Monolith.
Follow the marker and enter the Marshland Obelisk.
Side Quest Icon.pngClear the Marsh. → Clear the Rocks.
Head to the marshlands and clear the enemies in the area.
Side Quest Icon.pngClear the area around the Monolith.
Eliminate the Blood Seeker and the Perforos in the area. Use skills to interrupt its attacks and dodge when it uses Dispersion. Avoid facing it at close range.
Side Quest Icon.pngCollect your reward.
Inspect the Monolith to complete the side quest and to claim your reward.

Tips and Strategies

Interrupt Blood Seeker's Attacks

Outriders - Unknown Presence Interrupt Blood Seeker
Use skills to interrupt Blood Seeker's Impale and Dispersion attacks. These can easily whittle down your health to critical level and leave you open to a followup attack.

You can also avoid Dispersion by dodging to the side immediately after it teleports to you.

Unknown Presence Chest Locations

Map Location Directions
1 After clearing the rocks on the marsh, head east to find the container on the area.

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1 Bloodclaws Last Meal about 3 years

except you can't interrupt the bloodclaw's attacks. treat it like a Dark Souls boss, keep at range, move dodge and hope.


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