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This is a page for the weapon Inferno Seed from Outriders. Learn about this weapon's stats, other useful info, as well as how to get the Inferno Seed!

Inferno Seed Overview

General Info

Inferno Seed
Outriders - Inferno Seed
Rarity Legendary
Firing Mode Burst
Variant Tactical

Specialized Mods

Mod Tier Description
Wrath of Moloch ImageWrath of Moloch III Critical hits cause an explosion dealing damage and inflicting Burn on enemies within a 5 meter radius. Cooldown of 3 seconds.


Firepower Level
105,075 52
Clip Size 30 RPM 367
Damage 9,854 Reload Time 1.5s
Crit Multiplier 164% Accuracy 82%
Stability 95% Range 42m

Note that the stats shown here are the highest values that we have been able to confirm so far available to this weapon. These numbers may be updated in the future

How to Get the Inferno Seed

Expeditions Drop Pod Loot

This weapon can be one of the loot drops in the Drop Pods in Expeditions. Legendary drops are unlocked at Challenge Tier 6.

Going up higher in Challenge Tiers will increase the likelihood to get a Legendary Drop with Gold Challenge Tier 15 offering 25% chance of a Legendary drop.

Expeditions Guide

Completing Wanted Quest Replays

Ujio will reward you with one Legendary weapon along with several other lower rarity weapons after capturing all the targets in replays of the Wanted Quest.

All Wanted Quests Guide

Bought from Tiago

After finishing the main story, you will unlock Expeditions where you can obtain even better gear and Drop Pod Resources. You can use DPRs to buy Legendary Items from Tiago, who has the same role as shops, except his wares are much better.

Take note that items from Tiago's shop are randomized for every player.

Tiago Vendor Guide

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