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Welcome to Game8's Outriders guide and walkthrough wiki. Quest walkthroughs, class setups, combat tips and techniques, boss guides, as well as information about every gear in the game can all be found here!

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Builds Weapons Armor
Mods Tips and Tricks Boss Battles
Accolades Trophies Game Info

Outriders News and Game Info

Outriders News and Game Info.jpg

All Outriders News Articles
Release Date Pre-Order Guide and All Pre-Order Bonuses
Patch Notes Preload Guide
How to Check Server Status Community Appreciation Package
DLC Release Date and Expansions

News and Game Info

Outriders Quest Walkthroughs

Outriders Quest Walkthrough.jpg

Quest Walkthroughs

Quest Types
Main Quests Side Quests
Historian Quests Wanted Quests Hunter Quests

All Quest Walkthroughs

Outriders Classes

Outriders List of Classes and Best Class to Choose.jpg

Outriders Classes
technomancer.pngTechnomancer pyromancer.pngPyromancer
trickster.pngTrickster devastator.pngDevastator
Class Tier List

List of Classes and Best Class to Choose

Outriders Builds

Best Character Builds for Each Class.jpg

Builds by Class
Technomancer Pyromancer
Trickster Devastator

Best Class Builds

Demolisher Tech Shaman Pestilence
Tempest Fire Storm Ash Breaker
Assassin Harbinger Reaver
Seismic Shifter Warden Vanquisher

Best Character Builds for Each Class

Outriders Weapons

Outriders List of Weapons.jpg

Weapon Types
Assault Rifles Submachine Guns Light Machineguns
Double Guns Automatic Shotguns Pump Action Shotguns
Rifles Bolt Action Rifles Automatic Sniper Rifles
Pistols Revolvers
Legendary Weapons

List of Weapons

Outriders Armor

Outriders Armor.jpg

Armor Types
Helmets Body Armor
Pants Gloves
Armor Sets
Legendary Armor

List of Armor

Outriders Mods

Outriders List of Mods.jpg

Mod Types
Technomancer Mods Pyromancer Mods
Trickster Mods Devastator Mods
Weapon Mods Armor Mods
Best Mods to Equip Best Defensive Mods

List of Mods

Outriders Tips and Tricks

Outriders Tips and Tricks.jpg

Tips and Tricks
Cross-Play Multiplayer (Co-Op) Guide How to Level Up Fast | EXP Farming Guide
How to Save Your Progress Guide World Tier Guide | How to Change Difficulty
How to Get Class Points How to Fast Travel
How to Farm Legendary Items Controls and Best Settings
Stats Explanation Status Effects (Debuff) Explanation
How to Interrupt Enemy Attacks and Skills Dismantling Equipment
Endgame Farming Guide Expeditions Guide (Raids) | How to Unlock the Eye of the Storm
How Long is Outriders? Combat Tips and Techniques
Status Resistance and Resistance Piercing Character Creation and Customization Guide
How to Obtain Locked Items How to Fix Stuck on Signed In Issue
How to Get Free Legendary Items How to Use Shards
What Are Story Points? Does Tiago's Elite Offer Reset?
Best Expeditions -

Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks

Outriders Boss Battles

All Elite and Boss Battles

Rift Town
Reunion Gauss
First City
Dedication Juggernaut Captain
Salvation Captain Serrano
Eagle Peaks
Inferno Molten Acari
Frequency Frequency Triad
Wreckage Zone
Mentor Brood Mother
No Man's Land (Trench Town)
Onslaught Moloch
Expedition Behemoth
Forest Enclave
Mayhem Chrysaloid
Asylum Scarskin
The Stronghold
Judgment Kang's Enforcer
Ancient Ruins
Relics Altered Bailey
The Gate
Retaliation Kang's Huntmaster
Frontier Mosscloak Behemoth
Beyond Wasteland Behemoth
Bonds Yagak
Desolate Fort
Echoes Skirmisher Warlord
Pax City
Babylon Shaman Warlord
The Caravel
Humanity Yagak

All Elite and Boss Battles

Outriders Accolades

List of Accolades and Rewards.jpg

List of Accolades and Rewards

Outriders Trophies

Trophy list top image.jpg

Trophy List and Guide

About Outriders

About Outriders

Title Outriders
Release Date April 1, 2021
Price $59.99 USD
Platform Playstation 4 / Playstation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X / PC
Genre Third-person Shooter RPG
Developer / Publisher People Can Fly / Square Enix
Official Site Outriders

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