Big Iron Quest Walkthrough and Chest Locations

Outriders - Big Iron Quest Walkthrough and Chest Locations
This is a walkthrough for Big Iron, a Side Quest in Outriders. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, available rewards, chest locations, as well as tips for completion!

Big Iron Basic Information

Quest Type
Recommended Level 24
Rewards 1x Selectable Legendary Weapon
500 EXP
Repeat Rewards 1x Loot Drop
Channa believes she could make use of the old tech that was left behind by the humans that died here, and may be able to craft a weapon for you. Search the surroundings of the fort and recover any usable tech for Channa.

How to Unlock Big Iron

After finding shelter for your crew during the Echoes main quest, talk to Channa at the camp to start the side quest.

Big Iron Quest Walkthrough

Desolate Fort

Side Quest Icon.pngLook for old gear in the area.
Fast travel to the Ragged Tents and fight your way to the Dwindling Oasis. Ignore the generator and look for the crane with the words "Enter Dwindling Oasis" to proceed to the next area.
Side Quest Icon.pngLook for weapon parts in the area (0/3).
Eliminate the enemies in the area and pick up the weapon part inside in one of the caves.
Side Quest Icon.pngLook for weapon parts in the area (1/3).
Follow the marker and eliminate the enemies that appear. Pick up the weapon part inside a cave right beside the body.
Side Quest Icon.pngContinue searching parts. → Survive the ambush.
Head inside the Abandoned Village and eliminate the enemies in the area.
Side Quest Icon.pngLook for weapon parts in the area (2/3).
Pick up the weapon part in the western part of the Abandoned Village's second area.
Side Quest Icon.pngReturn to Channa.
Fast travel back to the camp and talk to Channa to complete the side quest and to collect your reward.

Tips and Strategies

Hide Behind the Rock

Outriders - Big Iron Hide Behind a Rock
Whenever the Wasteland Behemoth is about to use Wild Charge, you can hide behind the large rock on the area to block its attack.

Do not hide for too long as the Calloused Maulers can use its shockwave attack to stun you in place, leaving you vulnerable to Wasteland Behemoth's attacks.

Big Iron Chest Locations

Map Location Directions
1 While looking for the second weapon part, you can find the container on the eastern part of the area.
2 You can find the area at the northeastern corner of the Abandoned Village just after opening the door.

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