Salvation Quest Walkthrough and Chest Locations

Outriders - Salvation Quest Walkthrough and Chest Locations

This is a walkthrough for Salvation, a Main Quest in Outriders. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, available rewards, chest locations, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Dedication Salvation Inferno

Salvation Basic Information

Quest Type
Recommended Level 9
Rewards -
Repeat Rewards -
You freed Zahedi, but Jane was badly wounded during the rescue. She insisted you retrieve Zahedi's briefcase, hidden inside his truck on the other side of the river. Whatever the purpose of this case, Jane seems to value it more than her own life.

How to Unlock Salvation

Complete Dedication.

Salvation Quest Walkthrough

Reach the other side of the river

Main Quest IconRide the cable car to the riverside.
Take the cable car to enter City Center.
Main Quest IconClear the Plaza.→Clear the Debris.
Follow the waypoint and clear the enemies in the Plaza. This is your first introduction to Warzone Bestiaries. Check the Tips and Strategies section below on how to fight them. Clear the Debris after to move on to the next area.
Main Quest IconClear the Streets.→Lower the Bridge.
Enter the Streets and wipe out every enemy in the area. Monsters will come in two waves, with an Alpha Perforo appearing during the second. Approach the generator after to lower the bridge.

Retrieve Zahedi's briefcase

Main Quest IconBreak through the Insurgents.
Continue following the waypoint and fight the Insurgents in the area. Beware of the Captain that appears once you reach the Crane.
Main Quest IconActivate the Crane.→Search the Truck.
After defeating every enemy, interact with the wheel to activate the Crane, giving you a path to the garage. Approach the Truck to search for the briefcase.

Tips and Strategies

Use Sprint Melee Attack to Displace Monsters

Outriders - Sprint Melee

Perforos are persistent in attacking you, so you might get swarmed by hordes of them. Use any of your Melee Attacks to knock them off and give yourself some breathing room to either run or kill them.

Defeating Captain Serrano

Outriders Captain Serrano

Captain Serrano is technically an Elite, but is the strongest enemy in Salvation which is why we will regard him as the Boss in that quest.

How to Beat Captain Serrano (Salvation Boss)

Salvation Chest Locations

Map Location Directions
1 From the City Center entrance, head to the back to find the chest at the far side of the field
2 Turn right before the bridge to enter a large area and head to the balcony overlooking the City Center entrance.
3 Go on top of the watchtower next to the bridge entrance.
4 After activating the crane, approach the chest next to the garage entrance.

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