How to Beat Frequency Triad (Frequency Boss) | Boss Fight Strategy Guide

Outriders - Frequency Triad
This is a guide to beating the Frequency Triad in Frequency in the game Outriders. This article provides information on the 3 Elites, as well as tested strategies for beating them.

Frequency Triad Information

Basic Information

These three Elites are the last enemies standing between you and the Radio Tower on Eagle Peaks. They all appear at once so you have to deal with all 3 of them at the same time.

Juggernaut Captain Information

Outriders - Juggernaut Captain Boss Guide
Those among the Insurgents who display unique Altered-like abilities are promoted to Captain and given command of a platoon of soldiers.

Ironclad Information

Outriders - Ironclad Boss Guide
The Ironclad uses inhuman strength to wield a powerful chaingun, and is more than happy to hunker down and unload a stream of bullets in the general direction of any opponent.

Cremator Information

Outriders - Cremator Boss Guide
The Cremator employs powers and weaponry to rival the Altered. When in close range, they unleash hell with a flesh-melting flamethrower. From afar, they fire incendiary shells with a mortar launcher carried on their back.

Tips and Strategies

Juggernaut Captain

Beware the Wandering Flame

One of the most annoying Skills of every Captain-type Elite is the Wandering Flame. The battlefield is wide with a lot of areas you can use as shielding, but we recommend you Interrupt the Juggernaut Captain's Wandering Flame as much as you can.


Weakest Armor

Despite having the same level of Firepower as the Juggernaut Captain, it has weaker Armor. Arguably, the Ironclad will be easier to eliminate than the other two.


Mortar Shells

Unlike the Juggernaut Captain and the Ironclad, the Cremator will begin its attack from a distance launching Mortar Shells.

The same tactic we used in Prologue will still apply. Aim for the back of the Cremator to make him explode.

General Tips

There is an obstruction as seen in the picture above. Use it to your advantage. Run around it while you reload so you can escape enemy fire.

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