Character Creation and Customization Guide

Outriders - Character Creation and Customization Guide

This is a guide on how to create your character in Outriders. Learn all the available settings for your character's appearance and the Classes you can choose to play as.

Appearance Customization

Facial Appearance

Outriders - Appearance Customization

You can choose your gender and customize how your character looks from a limited selection of presets.

The following is a complete list of the customizable features of your character:

Customizable Features
Head Skin Color Eye Color Hair Style
Facial Hair Hair Color Markings Piercings

Character Customization


Outriders List of Classes and Best Class to Choose

The game allows players to choose from 4 different Classes. Each Class offers players a unique experience in terms of combat strategy, healing mechanics, and skillset combinations.

All Classes
technomancer.pngTechnomancer pyromancer.pngPyromancer
trickster.pngTrickster devastator.pngDevastator

Best Class to Choose

Class Tree

Outriders - Fire Storm Build

After choosing a Class, you can build your Class Tree to improve your Skills and combat abilities. Choose the right Skills and Nodes that will match your playstyle.

Best Builds for Each Class

How to Change and Edit Character

Outriders - Change Appearance

You can change your character's appearance after the initial character creation. Just go to the Camp of your current area and interact with the pile of bags and crates with a white scissor icon hovering above it.

You Cannot Change Your Gender, Name, and Class Afterwards

Some aspects of Character Customization are permanent, so make sure to be careful when deciding on your character's gender, name, and class.

If you want to go back on your decision for any of these aspects, you'll need to start a new game.

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