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Outriders - Stats Explanation | Weapon Leech vs Skill Leech
This article is a guide to Stats and their explanations in the game Outriders. To learn more about how Stats affect your character and gameplay, read on.

Stats in Outriders

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Outriders features four general Stats that affect your gameplay: namely, Firepower, Anomaly Power, Health, and Armor. Equipping the right equipment modifies different Stats. Make sure you choose the right equipment in the Inventory screen to suit your gameplay.

What Does Firepower Affect?

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Weapon Damage Bonus Percentage increase in damage for all weapons.
Critical Chance The chance to inflict a random critical hit with weapons.
Critical Hit Chance The total Weapon Damage increase of your critical hits and headshots. Includes weapon base damage and all bonuses.
Close Range Weapon Bonus The bonus Weapon Damage dealt to enemies within 10 meters of you.
Long Range Weapon Bonus The bonus Weapon Damage dealt to enemies further than 18 meters from you.
Damage Pierce The percentage of enemy armor that is ignored when dealing Weapon Damage. The higher the enemy's armor, the higher armor piercing will scale and deal greater damage.

Firepower refers to the weapon damage that your guns can dish out. Different guns offer varied firepower, so be sure to check each gun before you sell or dismantle them.

What Does Anomaly Power Affect?

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Skill Damage Bonus The percentage increase in Anomaly damage dealt by Melee Skills and Status Effects.
Status Power The increase to the damage of Burning, Toxic, and Bleeding, and the increase to the duration of Freeze, Ash, Vulnerable, and Weakness.
Global Cooldown Reduction Reduces the cooldown of your skills.
Resistance Pierce The percentage of enemy Resistance that is ignored when dealing ability damage.

Anomaly Power refers to the damage dealt whenever you use your skills. Different modifications amplify the effectiveness and cooldowns of various skills. Make sure to experiment with different combinations of mods when you dismantle and craft your weapons.

What Does Armor Affect?

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Physical Damage Reduction The protection provided by your armor against enemy physical attacks.
Resistance The protection provided by your gear against Anomaly attacks and Status damage.

Armor corresponds to the durability of your character in combat. The more Armor upgrades you can mod with your gear, the more resistant you are in a fight.

What Does Health Affect?

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Health Regeneration The amount of Health regained each second.
Healing Received Bonus The bonus healing added to direct Heals. Does not affect Leech and Regeneration.
Weapon Life Leech The percentage of Health regained by dealing Weapon Damage
Skill Life Leech The percentage of Health regained by dealing Anomaly damage. Includes Status damage.

Health classifies not only your total HP but also the amount of HP you recover in combat. Though all classes have a Health Regeneration mechanism, the Class that should fully utilize this Stat is the Technomancer since they recover a portion of HP relative to the damage they deal.

Weapon Leech vs Skill Leech

Weapon Leech makes your equipped weapon drain health from enemies on each successful hit. The amount of healing received depends on the weapon damage.

On the other hand, Skill Leech drains health from enemies whenever you deal Anomaly damage and status damage (Burn, Toxic, Bleed).

Anomaly damage includes damage dealt from melee attacks and damaging skills. The amount of healing received with Skill Leech scales with your Anomaly damage.

Status Effects (Debuff) Explanation

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