List of Trickster Mods

This is a list of Trickster Mods you can find in Outriders. Learn what Trickster Mods are found in the game, their effects and bonuses, and how to get each of them below!

List of Trickster Mods

Mod Tier Description
A Little Bit of Pain ImageA Little Bit of Pain I Time Rift: Using this skill deals damage over time to affected targets.
Additional Mag ImageAdditional Mag I Twisted Rounds: The skill is effective for 2 magazines before triggering the cooldown.
Anomalic Caliber ImageAnomalic Caliber I Twisted Rounds: Receive Resistance Piercing bonus while the skill is active.
Anomaly Cut ImageAnomaly Cut I Venator's Knife: Shots on the enemies marked by the knife receive Anomaly damage.
Apply Shield ImageApply Shield I Temporal Blade: Killing enemies with Temporal Blade grants 5% of Shield.
Armor of Eons ImageArmor of Eons I Borrowed Time: Activating the skill increases your Armor by 100% for 10 seconds.
Backstabber ImageBackstabber I Hunt The Prey: Using the skill deals additional damage to the enemy you teleport behind.
Big Range ImageBig Range I Slow Trap: Increases the sphere's range by 1 meter.
Blue Blood ImageBlue Blood I Twisted Rounds: Receive Weapon Leech Bonus while the skill is active.
Cut Loose ImageCut Loose I Temporal Blade: Reduces the skill's cooldown by 20%
Dance of Death ImageDance of Death I Hunt The Prey: Decrease the skill's cooldown by 20%.
Double Stop ImageDouble Stop I Temporal Blade: Increases the duration of the inflicted paralysis by 100%.
Double Time ImageDouble Time I Time Rift: Enemies are suspended in the air longer.
Duration ImageDuration I Cyclone Slice: Adds 5 seconds to the skill's duration.
Eager Edges ImageEager Edges I Venator's Knife: Adds 2 more bounces in the ricochet path.
GeigerGeiger's Wave I Time Rift: Every enemy affected by the wave receives Vulnerable status.
Grand Bastion ImageGrand Bastion I Cyclone Slice: Using the skill reduces incoming Weapon Damage and Anomaly Damage.
Gunshield ImageGunshield I Borrowed Time: Receive Firepower bonus while the skill is active
Healing Slice ImageHealing Slice I Cyclone Slice: Receive Health for each enemy killed with the skill.
Long Range ImageLong Range I Time Rift: Triples the skill's range.
Misery ImageMisery I Venator's Knife: Increases the skill's mark duration by 100%.
No Escape ImageNo Escape I Venator's Knife: Increases the skill's effective range between targets by 25%.
Radiation Jump ImageRadiation Jump I Hunt The Prey: Inflict Weakness on the enemy you teleport behind.
Sharpening ImageSharpening I Venator's Knife: Increases the skill's damage.
Shield Evoker ImageShield Evoker I Cyclone Slice: Killing enemies with the skill grants 5% Shield.
Short-Term Loan ImageShort-Term Loan I Borrowed Time: Reduces the skill's Cooldown.
Slasher ImageSlasher I Temporal Blade: The skill can be activated 1 more time before triggering a cooldown.
Speed Boost ImageSpeed Boost I Slow Trap: Allies within the sphere receive 2% movement speed bonus.
Speed Up ImageSpeed Up I Cyclone Slice: Allows 25% faster movement while the skill is active.
Stretched Time ImageStretched Time I Borrowed Time: Increase the skill's Duration by 100%.
Strong Slice ImageStrong Slice I Temporal Blade: Increase the skill's damage.
Strong Twist ImageStrong Twist I Twisted Rounds: While the skill is active increases weapon's Firepower by an additional 15%.
Thunder Dome ImageThunder Dome I Slow Trap: Receive 100% Shield when the skill ends.
Time Crack ImageTime Crack I Time Rift: Enemies affected by this skill have their Armor and Resistance decreased for a short period of time.
Time-Space Protection ImageTime-Space Protection I Borrowed Time: Receive Armor and Resistance bonus while the skill is active.
Timeblast ImageTimeblast I Hunt The Prey: Apply Slow in a 5 meter radius around the enemy you teleport behind.
Twisted Fate ImageTwisted Fate I Twisted Rounds: Receive Critical Damage bonus while the skill is active.
Ultimate Big Range ImageUltimate Big Range I Slow Trap: Increases the sphere's range by 2 meters.
Weakening The Prey ImageWeakening The Prey I Hunt The Prey: Interrupt and inflict Weakness to the enemy you teleport behind.
Weakening Zone ImageWeakening Zone I Slow Trap: Enemies entering the sphere are afflicted with Weakness.
Weaklings ImageWeaklings I Cyclone Slice: Inflicts Weakness on enemies hit by the skill.
Wind Slash ImageWind Slash I Cyclone Slice: Increase the skill's damage.
Aggressive Teleportation ImageAggressive Teleportation III Borrowed Time: Reverting time creates an explosion around you that inflicts damage to all enemies in a range of 8 meters
Ammo Bargain ImageAmmo Bargain III Twisted Rounds: While the skill is active, killing shots replenish 20% of ammo in your magazine.
And Another One ImageAnd Another One III Time Rift: Shots on enemies affected by the skill do not consume ammo.
Boomerang Blades ImageBoomerang Blades III Venator's Knife: After the initial ricochet, the knife will repeat its path and damage enemies a second time.
Damage Mitigation ImageDamage Mitigation III Slow Trap: Allies within the sphere receive 40% less damage.
Death Shell ImageDeath Shell III Borrowed Time: Killing enemies while Borrowed Time is active reduces incoming Weapon Damage by 10% and Anomaly Damage by 10% for 10 seconds. Buff is removed at the end of the skill. Stacks up to 4 times.
Delivery On Time III Slow Trap: Activating the skill replenishes ammo for every allies' current weapon in the sphere's range.
Double Slice ImageDouble Slice III Temporal Blade: Damaged enemies are additionally cut with an Anomalic slice dealing 50% damage.
Instant Reload III Hunt the Prey: Teleporting instantly replenishes magazine in your current weapon.
Life Drain ImageLife Drain III Twisted Rounds: While the skill is active, killing shots heal you by 15% of your target's health.
Pain Transfer III Time Rift: 10% of Weapon damage and 30% of Anomaly damage dealt to one affected enemy will be transferred to another affected enemy.
Rebound ImageRebound III Cyclone Slice: Activating the skill reflects 50% of incoming bullets back at the enemy.
Shield of the Fallen ImageShield of the Fallen III Twisted Rounds: When the skill ends, add 15% of your Maximum Health as Shield for each enemy killed by the skill.
Sniper Blades ImageSniper Blades III Venator's Knife: Increases the skill's range by 50%
Temporal Armor ImageTemporal Armor III Temporal Blade: Boosts armor by 75% for each affected enemy. Lasts 10 seconds. Stacks up to 8 times.
Ultimate Duration ImageUltimate Duration III Cyclone Slice: Adds 10 seconds to the skill's duration.

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