List of Assault Rifles

This is a list of Assault Rifles available in Outriders. Learn what Assault Rifles are found in the game, what variants of Assault Rifles appear, their stats and bonuses, and how to get each of them below!

Assault Rifle Variants

Standard Tactical Sharpshooter
Clip Size 40 30 15
Firing Auto Burst Single
RPM 600 367 500
Reload 1.5s
Crit Multiplier 125% 175% 250%
Acc. 86% 82% 91%
Stability 91% 95% 85%
Range 35m 42m 55m

List of Assault Rifles

Weapon Variant Rarity
Absolute Zero ImageAbsolute Zero Standard Legendary
Camo ECA-B AR ImageCamo ECA-B AR Tactical Epic
Commando Corr-8 RIF ImageCommando Corr-8 RIF Standard Rare
Corr-09 ULT "Setting Sun" ImageCorr-09 ULT "Setting Sun" Tactical Epic
Corr-09 ULT-2 "EmperorCorr-09 ULT-2 "Emperor's Will" Standard Epic
Corr-09 ULT-2 "Red Widow" ImageCorr-09 ULT-2 "Red Widow" Tactical Epic
Corr-8 RIF ImageCorr-8 RIF Standard Common
Corr-9 RIF "Lamia" ImageCorr-9 RIF "Lamia" Sharpshooter Epic
Custom Corr-09 ULT-3 ImageCustom Corr-09 ULT-3 Standard Rare
Distortion ECA-B SP2-AR ImageDistortion ECA-B SP2-AR Standard Rare
Earthborn RenegadeEarthborn Renegade's Assault Rifle Standard Rare
ECA-B AR ImageECA-B AR Standard Unusual
ECA-B AR "Sunscorched" ImageECA-B AR "Sunscorched" Standard Epic
ECA-B SP-AR "Blue Blood" ImageECA-B SP-AR "Blue Blood" Sharpshooter Epic
ECA-B SP-AR3 "Rising Tide" ImageECA-B SP-AR3 "Rising Tide" Tactical Epic
ECA-B SP-AR4 "Space Revenant" ImageECA-B SP-AR4 "Space Revenant" Tactical Epic
Eventide Corr-09 ULT ImageEventide Corr-09 ULT Sharpshooter Rare
Everglade ECA-B SP-AR ImageEverglade ECA-B SP-AR Tactical Epic
Heir to the Desert ImageHeir to the Desert Tactical Legendary
Inferno Seed ImageInferno Seed Tactical Legendary
Mahogany Mark IV ImageMahogany Mark IV Demolisher Rare
Mark IV ImageMark IV Standard Common
Master Tool ImageMaster Tool Sharpshooter Legendary
Ranger ImageRanger Standard Unusual
Rusty Corr-8 RIF ImageRusty Corr-8 RIF Standard Common
Rusty ECA-B AR ImageRusty ECA-B AR Standard Common
Rusty Mark IV ImageRusty Mark IV Standard Common
TannerTanner's Backup Rifle Standard Rare
Terrestrial Pioneer-2 ImageTerrestrial Pioneer-2 Standard Rare
The Juggler ImageThe Juggler Standard Legendary
Thunderbird ImageThunderbird Standard Legendary
Time Ripper ImageTime Ripper Standard Legendary
Upgraded Pioneer-1 ImageUpgraded Pioneer-1 Standard Rare
Vagrant 12 "Nocturnal Cry" ImageVagrant 12 "Nocturnal Cry" Tactical Epic
Vagrant-10 ImageVagrant-10 Standard Unusual
Vagrant-11 "Fatal Morgana" ImageVagrant-11 "Fatal Morgana" Sharpshooter Epic
Voodoo Matchmaker ImageVoodoo Matchmaker Standard Legendary
Zebra Ranger T ImageZebra Ranger T Standard Rare

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