Hunter - Splittooth Quest Walkthrough

Outriders - Hunter - Splitooth Quest Walkthrough
This is a walkthrough for Hunter - Splittooth, a Hunter Quest in Outriders. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, available rewards, as well as tips for completion!

Hunter - Splittooth Basic Information

Quest Type
Recommended Level 17
Rewards 1x Selectable Epic Gear
500 EXP
Repeat Rewards -
Noah, a former hunter and current barkeep in Trench Town, is offerring rewards for the heads of particularly deadly beasts. Track them down and collect the rewards.

How to Unlock Hunter - Splittooth

Hunter - Splittooth unlocks right after defeating the Chrysaloid during the Asylum main quest.

Hunter - Splittooth Quest Walkthrough

Forest Enclave

Side Quest Icon.pngHead to the Collapsed Arch Pass.
Fast travel to the Forest Enclave and head to the Collapsed Arch Pass. Inspect the bones to start the side quest.
Side Quest Icon.pngTrack down the creature near the Forest Enclave.
Follow the marker and enter the Waterfall Lair. Eliminate the enemies in the area.
Side Quest Icon.pngBring the trophy to Noah in Trench Town.
Fast travel to Trench Town and talk to Noah at the Saloon to complete the side quest and to claim your reward.

Tips and Strategies

Hide Behind a Structure to Avoid Frontal Sweep

Outriders - Avoid Frontal Sweep
Whenever Splittooth is about to use Frontal Sweep or Obliterating Beam, you can hide behind a tree to block its attack.

Wait for the meter to fully deplete as the beam can still hit you even when moving away from the structure.

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