List of Legendary Weapons (Unique Weapons)

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This is a page for the Legendary Weapons found in Outriders. Learn about the legendary tier weapons in the game as well as other info about each of them below!

What are Legendary Weapons?

Legendary Weapons are the highest and rarest tier of five tiers of Weapon quality.

Legendary Weapons are considered unique weapons, not just by their appearances but also the mods that they have attached. Mods from Legendary Weapons are exclusive and cannot be found on other weapons.

To increase the chances of obtaining Legendary Weapons, set your World Tier to the highest available tier and start farming!

How to Farm Legendary Items

List of Legendary Weapons

Weapon Type Variant
Absolute Zero ImageAbsolute Zero Assault Rifle Standard
Aerie Master ImageAerie Master Pump Action Shotgun Breach
Amber Vault ImageAmber Vault Double Gun Standard
Anomaly Effigy ImageAnomaly Effigy Pump Action Shotgun Standard
Blightbearer ImageBlightbearer Rifle Standard
Body Snatcher Pump Action Shotgun Breach
Bolt and Thunder ImageBolt and Thunder Pistol Standard
Damascus Offering ImageDamascus Offering Light Machinegun Standard
Darkness Chamber Pump Action Shotgun Standard
Deathshield Automatic Shotgun Narrow
Disintegrator ImageDisintegrator Revolver Standard
EnochEnoch's Blessing Pump Action Shotgun Standard
Fatal Symbiont ImageFatal Symbiont Submachine Gun Standard
Funeral Pyre ImageFuneral Pyre Automatic Shotgun Slug
GolemGolem's Limb Pump Action Shotgun Standard
Grim Marrow ImageGrim Marrow Light Machinegun Stabilizing
Heir to the Desert ImageHeir to the Desert Assault Rifle Tactical
Icarus ImageIcarus Automatic Sniper Rifle Full Auto
Imploder ImageImploder Double Gun Standard
Inferno Seed ImageInferno Seed Assault Rifle Tactical
Lucky ImageLucky Revolver Standard
Lucky Jinx Double Gun Demolisher
Master Tool ImageMaster Tool Assault Rifle Sharpshooter
Mindmugger ImageMindmugger Automatic Sniper Rifle Standard
Molten Eidola ImageMolten Eidola Rifle One-Shot
RarogRarog's Gaze Rifle Standard
Roaring Umbra ImageRoaring Umbra Light Machinegun Standard
Shelrog's Excrescence Double Gun Burst Fire
Spirit Hunter ImageSpirit Hunter Bolt Action Rifle Lightweight
The Anemoi ImageThe Anemoi Automatic Shotgun Narrow
The Bulwark ImageThe Bulwark Automatic Shotgun Standard
The Daimyo ImageThe Daimyo Submachine Gun Tactical
The Guillotine ImageThe Guillotine Pump Action Shotgun Standard
The Headhunter ImageThe Headhunter Bolt Action Rifle Standard
The High Roller ImageThe High Roller Pump Action Shotgun Breach
The Iceberg ImageThe Iceberg Bolt Action Rifle Standard
The Juggler ImageThe Juggler Assault Rifle Standard
The Landlubber ImageThe Landlubber Bolt Action Rifle Lightweight
The Migraine ImageThe Migraine Submachine Gun Standard
The Reaper ImageThe Reaper Light Machinegun Suppressing
The Wicker ImageThe Wicker Submachine Gun Standard
Thunderbird ImageThunderbird Assault Rifle Standard
Time Ripper ImageTime Ripper Assault Rifle Standard
Torment and Agony ImageTorment and Agony Pistol Full Auto
Twisted Mercy ImageTwisted Mercy Rifle Standard
Voodoo Matchmaker ImageVoodoo Matchmaker Assault Rifle Standard

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Legendary Weapons


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